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If you believe that Fox News is the only source of Truth, it doesn’t matter what other media tell you about Donald Trump, or anything else.

embarrassing wreck of a man

If you believe that the entire political establishment, especially Hillary Clinton, and the entire roster of civil servants are corrupt, it doesn’t matter that Donald Trump won’t reveal his tax returns, or that he manifestly profits from his position as president. Everybody else is worse.

If you believe that permanent, large tax cuts for the rich and small, temporary tax cuts for everybody else will raise government revenue, it doesn’t matter that the rich are getting richer and you’re not. The rich create jobs, and they deserve what they get.

If you believe that this country was great back when it was for white folks and blacks knew their place, black lives don’t matter.

If you believe that this country was great back when it was for white folks and blacks knew their place, black lives don’t matter.

If you believe that immigration of poor people who don’t look like you is bad, it doesn’t matter how inhumane our treatment of them becomes. They’re just deportees.

If you believe that no immigrants have a realistic fear of injury or death if they return home, it doesn’t matter that our country helps to create the violent conditions they are fleeing.

If you believe that there should be zero tolerance for unauthorized immigration, and that such immigrants should be prosecuted, it doesn’t matter that there are not enough immigration judges to process their cases. Let them rot in detention, with or without their children.

If you believe that prosecution of unauthorized immigrants should entail their summary deportation without trial, it doesn’t matter that this would violate their constitutional rights.

If you believe that medical care was better before Obamacare, it doesn’t matter that sabotaging that system will cause people to die without care. They should have thought of that before they got sic.

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If you believe that abortion should always be illegal, it doesn’t matter that many of the resulting babies will lead lives of misery. Let them rise by their own bootstraps.

If you believe that poor people just made bad choices, it doesn’t matter that they often have no good options.

If you believe that climate change and global warming are hoaxes cooked up by corrupt scientists trying to destroy America, it doesn’t matter how much new information you get—unless it comes from Fox News.

If you believe that higher tariffs will make America better off, it doesn’t matter that factories and farms shut down rather than expand, or that people with limited incomes have to pay more for what they need. They’re sacrificing for the good of the country.

If you believe that the way to get cooperation from our allies on such issues as North Korea and Iran is to abuse and belittle them, it doesn’t matter that Trump is regarded in most of the world as a menace to world peace. Fake news!

If you believe that Putin and Russian Intelligence did not meddle in the election of 2016, it doesn’t matter that all US intelligence agencies agree that they did so, with the purpose of hurting Hillary Clinton and helping Donald Trump.

If you believe that the entire US intelligence, foreign policy and defense establishments, past and present, were and are stupid about Putin, and that only Donald Trump has the brilliant insight to see that Putin is our friend, it doesn’t matter that most of those people see Trump’s conduct at the Helsinki summit as bordering on treason. They are, after all, stupid.

If you believe that Donald Trump is the greatest president in the country’s history (if only the corrupt and stupid elites would get out of his way), it doesn’t matter that Trump’s presidency has been marked by a tidal wave of lies, by stunning incompetence and incoherence in policymaking, by unprecedented use of public office for private profit, by open encouragement of racism and white nationalism, by utter disregard for environmental issues in general and global warming in particular, by a populist discourse matched with a Wall Street policy orientation, and by a pathetic cozying up to a criminal dictator of a declining power, Vladimir Putin. All fake news!

If you believe all this, you probably don’t buy George Will’s characterization of Donald Trump: “this sad, embarrassing wreck of a man.”

impeachment unavoidable

John Peeler