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The fact that the action at political betting sites is heating up tells us that passion is as much a factor of our market economy as, well, economics. Passion is good, right? And of course, we want as many citizens as possible to be engaged in the political process.

Engaged in Politics

However, the reason that hordes of people are flocking to political news these days has more to do with The National Enquirer and People Magazine than it does intelligent discourse and a desire to be educated. It’s drama, it’s tantrums, it’s “he said, she said.” In short, the U.S. government has become a soap opera.

Romans flocked to the Coliseum to be distracted from their everyday miseries, illnesses, horrors (by watching other people experience misery and horror). Americans flock to politics, which has become our distraction and our entertainment. Here are the characters behind the characters:

Divide and Confuse

Whether you’re for him or against him, you can’t deny that Trump is a divisive character. One minute he supports his team of medical experts, the next minute he’s ousting an expert at the Department of Health and Human Services for telling the truth.

One minute Trump is blaming Mexico for crime, and the next he’s pardoning American criminals who have been found guilty of arson, murder, racketeering and transporting drugs.

One minute Trump is blaming Mexico for crime, and the next he’s pardoning American criminals who have been found guilty of arson, murder, racketeering and transporting drugs.

Trump’s on-screen character: Regina George from Mean Girls.

A Long-Suffering Sigh

Joe Biden has been waiting for the turmoil to settle. He’s been waiting patiently and quietly. Perhaps too quietly. Unwilling to be seen as a “shouter,” he’s leaving the nation without a rational voice that’s as loud as our current irrational one.

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There is a time to take the high road and be a gentleman, and there’s a time to be a fighter and get in the ring, lumps and all. When Chechnya was rounding up gay people and torturing them, Biden was a vocal critic. When the nation of Brunei was found to be stoning gay people to death, Biden again stepped up with condemnation.

However, when Trump banned transgenders from the military, Joe sent a mildly worded tweet.

Biden’s on-screen character: Mae Braddock in Cinderella Man.

Enter Dr. Faust

Did you know that the German version of the name Fauci is “Faust?” Not really. But if you are familiar with the German story of Faust, the highly intelligent man who makes a pact with Satan in order to have access to things he couldn’t get himself, then you’ll know the similarities are startling.

Fauci is a guy who knows what’s what, and he also knows that he’s working for a POTUS who disagrees with what Fauci (and the rest of the medical establishment) knows. Thus, Fauci puts up with the specter of darkness in order to obtain what he desires.

In Fauci’s case, what he desires is not pleasure, but the health of the American people. Thus, he must align himself with the personification of everything he disagrees with in order to be heard.

Dr. Fauci’s on-screen character: Marcus Brody in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

To Sum Things Up:

Yes, it’s important that the names of the politicians who make and enforce the laws in this country are known to school children. However, these names are on everyone’s lips for the wrong reasons. Our national soap opera is garnering international derision and domestic disbelief. If we can’t get our act together, we’ll have a government with all of the stability of a banana republic.