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Fat Folks

Even before the pandemic, we all knew that obesity and diabetes are big problems in our society. And the pandemic has shown us that the Black and Brown communities that have the highest rates of these diseases become the easiest targets for tiny invasive viruses. 

But consider that fat people have always contributed enormously to our society. Ben Franklin was a fatty, as were Burl Ives and Jackie Gleason. We make fat jokes with ease. 

Fat people have always contributed enormously to our society. Ben Franklin was a fatty, as were Burl Ives and Jackie Gleason. We make fat jokes with ease. 

Someone asked me to take a different look at fat people. He’s a man who went into the airforce, and was trained to be a deadly weapons specialist, able to rain down high tech death on America’s enemies. He learned to use computers to kill. Then he learned to use computers to learn. After serving in the Gulf War, he left the military and built a successful business, using computer skills for everything from scheduling and order tracking to book keeping. And he kept using his computers to learn - history, science, social policy, politics. 

Then he started sharing his learning and knowledge on the internet. And immediately drew condemnation and threats. But he ha also learned to care. So he kept at his internet efforts. A day ago, he wrote to me about two fat people who have given great service to America and to the world. One is revered. The other will be someday. Here is what he wrote to me, in his own words: 

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After doing some research to verify what I wrote was fact checked and accurate, something Trump seditionists never do, I realized something. This dark complexion, heavy set black woman has to be the closest thing to Benjamin Franklin in US History that I have ever read about. 

Franklin, poor upbringing, self-taught, with almost no formal education, his epic brains made up 100-fold for his lack of education, founded the University of PA, founded the first Fire Department in PA, made his wealth publishing and as an author, was a prolific inventor: Bifocals, Franklin Stove, Musical Instruments, Lightning Rod, and other inventions, first Postmaster General, who also worked in and published findings from his prolific experimentation in the field of Physics around electricity, published maps, is the first known person to gather measurements from sailing ships and realized there was something called OCEAN CURRENTS that could be used to shipping advantage. That was Ben Franklin. He published an ocean current chart of the Atlantic Ocean, the first ever, that he researched and created, but it was ignored for decades. His goal was to speed up shipping between Europe and the USA, speeding up delivery of mail.

I believe it was after he died when the charts were finally, actually used, the ones created by Ben Franklin, and it blew my mind to read this, was credited with cutting almost TWO WEEKS off shipping time between continents. You should read about Franklin. He dabbled in many fields, published results of studies and experiments, furthered the USA as a nation, one of history's truly freakishly brilliant men.

Stacey Abrams is the closest person I can think of, with her mastery of so many different fields of subject matter, economics, law, and other fields, founding successful companies in different fields due to her expertise in different fields, Accounting Firm, Law Firm, Food Service - Mfg., and is an INVENTOR, published books, wrote novels, successful career as a public community activist, a legislator, you name it. Who else can be compared to Ben Franklin? I think Abrams can.

But her body is round, and her face is black. She even said it. It does not matter what you accomplish to some people if you look like her. She knows that epic racism exists in the minds of many, and she adapts, improvises, and overcomes. 

To a sick, evil, white supremacist, round and black, that disqualifies her from doing any public service leadership job other than cleaning lady, even though she has doctorate degrees, is the CEO of multiple corporations she founded, self-made millionaire from her book publishing, Law Firm, Accounting Firm, invention patents... to a knuckle dragging person like a SCREEN DOOR REPAIRMAN like [name of internet racist troll omitted], he thinks he is better. He would rather hand the US Military and Nuke codes to a swimsuit model with nice tits and ass who is a ditz beyond belief, Sarah Palin, they would make HER President of the USA rather than the brilliant, mind-blowing achiever Abrams.

That is how sick and far mentally gone the supremacists are. If they can't beat their meat to a picture of a politician female, if they can't spank their tiny monkeys to fantasies of the woman without clothes on, then they think that woman is unworthy of leading anything, have repeatedly even said so, and Insurrection and Rebellion is called to maintain white male power, or keep the women out who can't get their dicks hard. That is who these racist, xenophobe, misogynist, fearful pansies are. 

 Abrams affected a nation. Her work is credited with putting the United States Senate in Dem hands. She has earned recognition for her accomplishments, and when you look back at her bio... her history, what she has accomplished in business, law, inventing, publishing... right now, as the nation suffers from our history of racism leading to the likes of Donald Trump, it's anything but a bullshit conversation. 

I enjoy rubbing the faces of "supremacists" in their actual, provable inferiority to someone like Abrams, specifically because she is black, female, and heavy-set.

The author is a white guy, for whom Stacy Abrams’ color is just irrelevant; whose gender is just irrelevant; whose weight is just irrelevant. He built his own successful business and sees the value in the building work Stacy Abrams has done. He understands her resilience in being beaten in a corrupt gubernatorial race, and bouncing back to beat the best of the Donald’s team in two Senate races. 

tom hall

Obese Ben Franklin lived to be 84 years old, and Burl Ives made it to 85. But statistically, we are likely to lose Stacy Abrams earlier. It is significant that I received this note praising her from a white businessman the same day that our system survived an assault by old-fashioned racists, trying to destroy the processes of our democratic government. 

The work Stacy Abrams did in Georgia, opening up voting rights and motivation to people long disfranchised or long discouraged, was an integral part in building the strength and resilience that threw back the trumpista assault.

Tom Hall

Ben Franklin contributed to the foundation of our nation. Stacy Abrams is contributing to extending that great structure to people Ben Franklin barely knew existed. 

Tom Hall