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(Author's Note: I write and have written a weekly column in the Paradise Post, a small town paper in northern California. What I've written below, however, could have been written by damn near any liberal columnist in any paper or place dominated by right wingers. I once talked to David Corn, now editor of Mother Jones, complaining about the hate mail my scribbling was attracting. He waved me off by saying "we all get hate mail," and I said, "yeah, but from people who live down the street?")

feckless liberals

Okay, I'm going to let fly with pretty deep resentment aimed at the Paradise Ridge liberal and Dem community. This coming weekend, they're holding one of their fearless gatherings to celebrate Unity in Diversity, a face painting party that allows so many to go home from the event feeling they've actually struck a blow for freedom, decency, diversity, and all the good stuff. But those same people NEVER can be heard speaking out as individuals, giving expression to their liberal views in places or circumstances where people who aren't already in their coeval can hear them.

For going on two decades now, I've published views largely held and touted by liberals, but I can count on the fingers of my hands the times I've had vocal support from people who call themselves liberals or progressives even when my views have come under vicious attack from the right wingers here.

Is it cowardice that keeps them silent? Many whisper they agree with me, but it's all in whispers unless we're all together in one another's company, secure in the knowledge no one will take issue with our opinions.

The reason liberals often feel so beleaguered is that when one of us speaks out, he or she is likely to be left howling in the wilderness. And we wonder why the right wingers outshout and overpower us.

So, today I read the comments following my column from last week about my daughters and my wife. Two comments from two local trolls came in, predictably. This kind of hate has been constant. But could someone, or anyone, let these bastards know that it ain't just me? Nah.

The reason liberals often feel so beleaguered is that when one of us speaks out, he or she is likely to be left howling in the wilderness. And we wonder why the right wingers outshout and overpower us.

Anyway, here below is what last week's column prompted as commentary from the "haters," met with silence by all the diversity celebrators up here for fear someone might hate them for not hating me.

If you're an outspoken liberal looking for someone who has your back, you'd better think about getting a dog cuz even tenured academic liberals who couldn't be fired if they came to class naked ain't too inclined to speak out if they think it might bring 'em the slightest unpleasantness. These two bastards below weren't mad at me because I sometimes write columns expressing love for my family (hey, they're family values voters). They are pissed about what I'd written that every fuckin' liberal says they believe.

With friends like these, liberals and progressives hardly need enemies like these guys below. When it comes to losing, our shy timidity and our failure to cleave together is sufficient.

I always thought this was "our" fight, not mine. Silly wabbit.

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Here's the recent blowback from the right wing trolls.

Eric Patterson • 17 hours ago—Let's see. The one daughter's birthday isn't until next month. So the aging, flakey birthday and anniversary columns he pulls out of the vault and sends in with only a new header were of no use this week. And the grandiloquent and maudlin mother's/father's day standard columns are (thankfully) over. The Guinness World Records released its 2018 book last Thursday. And Jamie is STILL there under ... Self-styled "writer" who hasn't published an original thought in a half-century.

FriendOfJohnnyM • 2 days ago—"Slow columnist day"- when the Post tells you to "tone down the politics", so you write about the exact same stuff you've already written about numerous times, because you still have to submit a pile of words to meet the deadline

That kind of hate has been steady since I wrote my first "libtard" words for the local rag some fifteen or sixteen years ago. I often thought of quitting, especially when the death threats to me and insults to my wife began coming in, especially during the dust up over gay rights in 2008, or earlier when I wrote columns about Bush, Cheney, and the Iraq war.

I persisted because, though support was nearly always on the down low (Mary Ellen, Frank, and a few others excepted) I did get letters, mostly from fairly impoverished widows living in mobile home parks up here, old Roosevelt Dems who expressed appreciation for saying things they didn't feel they could say well enough, or were afraid of saying because they had shitty neighbors.

So, whenever I thought of quitting, I thought of them, remembering how in the days of the anti-war movement, so many of us felt outnumbered, and were so heartened by nearly any voice that sounded like our own. Solidarity mattered, especially when so many on the left felt surrounded.

And it matters now, which is why some people who will never speak out will be heading to the "Unity and Diversity" feel-good fest this weekend, taking comfort in one another's shared values while remaining all too silent, along with the good Lutherans, the Dem Party faithful, the Unitarians, and others who just will not raise a squeak or squawk unless they're wrapped in the reassuring love of their "friends," I guess because they know those "friends" just might take a powder should they draw heat.

And, incidentally, in case you missed the column that drew those comments above (or comments just as bad when I wrote a column about my wife's cancer and the need for universal single payer health care) I've posting it here.

jaime oneill

If what I've said above alienates or angers any local liberals, it hardly seems like that would make a particle of difference.

Jaime O'Neill