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Fiction Is No Stranger to What They Call Truth at Bush & Company


Bush and Company lives for and thrives on lies and disaster. They have proven their fiction is a stranger to the truth. The greater the disaster, the greater the potential for Republican profit, greed, and corruption.

Herr Rove learned from Joe Goebbels, that by using fiction to become GOP truth, he could find ways to manipulate any tragedy into a gain by putting it through the twisted, untruthful looking glass of a Fox News camera, while viewing the world upside down. Next order of business for Rove was to take a round hole fiction and make it fit into a square hole truth in order to continue their unconstitutional and illegal control.

An example of Republican fiction: While researching a story involving biological weapons in 2001, I came across a book by the now infamous former NY Times reporter, Judith Miller and two Times science writers, entitled, "Germs." The book referenced a novel, The Cobra Event, by Richard Preston, a scientific biological thriller that so impressed the then President Bill Clinton, that he summoned Preston to the White House. Clinton wanted to know from Preston, what was true and what was fiction. Based on some of the facts in the book, Clinton developed a biological warfare group, being concerned about the potential of biological weapons.

So what’s the fiction that Bush & Company used from Preston ’s 1997 novel? A principal character was an American weapon’s inspector in Iraq. Preston created a mobile biolab, portraying the Iraqi’s could rapidly pull away from a biological station. When Colin Powell displayed the hand drawn cartoons of the mobile biolabs to the UN and the world, he was demonstrating what Preston ’s imagination created. The mobile biolabs never existed in reality, except as cartoons being passed on as fact, enabling Bush & Company to have their war of choice.

Another Bush/Rove Truth to Powder: “Yellow cake uranium powder from Niger.”

Suppression of and evading the truth is a vitally important part of Republican “fiction to truth.” A deadly anthrax attack on Democratic U.S. Senators and the prevaricating GOP Rush to claim it’s the terrorists that hate U.S., hitting us at home. Truth? The terrorist is U.S. It turns out the anthrax was produced domestically and the trail narrowed down to a few conservative U.S. scientists. The neocon scientist making the partisan attack through the U.S. mails, clearly had ties or enough goods on the Bush company, for the singing Attorney General to end his song “As the Eagles Fly” and close down the investigation.

The “Who knew?” fiction to truth: Who knew that a Republican who worked for Jeb Bush in his unsuccessful Florida Governor’s bid would become a Democrat who designed the illegal “Butterfly Ballot” helping Bush win Florida 2000? Who knew the GOP could hire ChoicePoint of Atlanta, to falsely purge at least 95,000 mostly black Democratic voters from Florida voting rolls? Who knew the Supreme Court could stop the vote count in Florida 2000, allowing G.W. Bush to win by 537 votes? Who knew the discredited ChoicePoint would be recommended for the Mexican 2006 election? Who knew planes could crash into buildings? Who knew Osama bin Ladin would attack the U.S. ? Who knew that Washington G.O.P. storm troopers could be sent by Tom DeLay, Karl Rove and John Bolton, to stop a legitimate election vote count in Florida right in front of the media and steal a nation? Who knew that the faulty, incomplete levees in New Orleans, that Bush & Company had been repeatedly warned about, would be breached?

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld explains the Who Knew Theory: “We know now we couldn’t know what we know now, if we didn’t know now what we didn’t know then. Now that we know we know we didn’t know then, how could we know then or now what we didn’t know? In other words, who knew?”

Fiction of Katrina: A wonderful excuse through inaction, to milk the U.S. Treasury, for the Bush Company to pay back cronies and contributors, to wipe out Democratic votes, to finally destroy the fine functioning Clinton FEMA, to oust the poor and pick up the land cheap or for nothing, for the oil, energy companies and developers.

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“Starving the Beast,” Grover Norquist’s plan to shrink government down to drown in the size of a bathtub, is a non-fiction maneuver to eliminate all government social programs, particularly the hugely successful Social Security Program. Under GOP governance, the U.S. will soon go bankrupt and the Republican neocons want as much money as they can steal to go to the 1% of U.S. wealthy so they can rule what’s left of the country. As you will note, this is a GOP non-fiction turning into an awful truth. Nerocon Bush and Company have used fiction even before he was selected for the office.

If Bush had won the 2000 popular vote instead of Al Gore and Gore had won the electoral vote, (which he did) the Nero-con’s were prepared to go to the Supreme Court saying it was time for the popular vote to replace the outdated Electoral College. Nothing was going to stop the GOP from their overthrowing the 2000 Election.

And lastly, here’s a fiction to truth to consider: Imagine if the Democrats owned and operated all the voting machines in the U.S. Meaning the alleged non-partisan voting machines are privatized and all equipment, data and electronic programs are secret and proprietary. No paper trails required. Servicing and recounts controlled by Democrats only and the vast majority of Election Voting Boards are held by partisan Democrats. WHAT WOULD REPUBLICANS DO?! It’s what we Democrats, Independents, and real Americans must do -- SCREAM TO THE HIGH HEAVENS AND COURTS AND DON’T STOP SCREAMING: “WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!”


by Jerry Drucker

Jerry Drucker is a freelance writer and screenwriter, political progressive letterwriter, member of Valley Dems United, Dems for Change and Valley Grassroots for Democracy. Jerry was voted as the 41st AD man of the year for 2008 by the LA County Democratic Party members.

Reprinted with permission from the Valley Democrats United newsletter, Margie Murray, Editor, where the article first appeared.

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