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The Spar Spattered Banner: July 4th and the Glorification of Evil




By: T. D. Duff, Tonka Bay, Minnesota

Protestors have frequently chosen July 4th as their independence day: Nat Turner planned his slave revolt for July 4, 1881, Henry David Thoreau went to Walden Pond on July 4,, 1885 to protest an unjust and corrupt state. William Lloyd Garrison burned the Constitution of July 4, 1854. Walt Whitman published Leaves of Grass, his pastoral of rural idealism, on July 4, 1855. John Brown timed his raid, an armed slave revolt of Harper’s Ferry for July 4, 1858 and 1859.

What to Americans today does Independence Day represent?

It should be a day that reveals to all of us, more than any other days of the year, the massive injustice and cruelty and evil to which Americans and the world are the constant victims. Our celebrations are a sham, our so-called liberty, an unholy license, our national greatness a swelling exercise in evil and vainglory.

The sounds of our rejoicing are vapid and heartless, our denunciation of terrorists we have created, our brass fronted impudence, our shouts of liberty and equality, our pompous ignorance, our prayers and hymns, our sermons and thanksgivings, with the ubiquitous parades and solemnity, are mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy.

It is a thin veil, a mask to cover up the multitude of crimes which has disgraced our nation of ruling savages. There is not a country anywhere on earth more guilty of evil, the shocking and bloody killing of innocents abroad, and at home like George Floyd, and all the innocent school children, than the United States.

Our pentagon dominated politics are flagrantly inconsistent and immoral. We champion and boast of our love of liberty, our superior civilization and our hypocritical veneration of Christian piety, while the political power of our nation, as embodied by the two parties, are solemnly pledged by political graft to support and perpetuate the enslavement of mankind throughout the world.

The NATO driven Ukraine War is the current abomination of the savage nation of America, that breaks political promises and lies with impunity, never challenged with the truth, by the co-opted corporate media, blindly accommodated by the Covid cowered, dumbed-down public.

Congress act as the pimps of war, puppets of the Pentagon, and defense contractors. They are a mutant strain of an antibiotic resistant bacteria that cannot be eliminated. They are ever resistant, immovable props, parasitic mandarins of perverse power.

They and their war loving coterie of amoral think tanks and NGOs pushed for the expansion of NATO in Central and Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall, violating an agreement not to extend NATO beyond the borders of a unified Germany, recklessly antagonizing Russia.

Secretary of State James Baker’s famous assurance to Soviet President Gorbachev and the National Security Archive reveal multiple assurances not to expand NATO by Western leaders to Gorbachev and other Soviet officials throughout the process of German reunification in 1990 and 1991.

In 1997, 50 prominent foreign policy experts called President Clinton’s plans to enlarge NATO an “error of historic proportions” that would “unsettle European stability.”

It was the 2008 NATO summit, when NATO ignored the vehement opposition by Russia and promised that Ukraine would join NATO, that really triggered the alarm bells. Instead of understanding the danger of crossing the “brightest of all redlines,” the illegitimate President George W. Bush persisted and pushed back internal opposition within NATO to proclaim, in 2008, that Ukraine would indeed be granted membership at an unspecified date.

Bush, Clinton and all the other insane ideologues in the State Department are also the criminal advocates for the apartheid state of Israel, justifying its war against the Palestinians, myopically conflating the interests of Israel with our own. They advocated for air strikes in Serbia, demanding that the U.S. eliminate Slobodan Milosevic in the false flag of bringing democracy. They developed the sick policy to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, Yemen and others using terrorist groups like Isis and Al Qaeda that the CIA created.

These moronic right wing ideologues have long ago demanded stationing NATO troops in Ukraine, disparaging the European Union and plotted to remove the lawfully elected Russian ally, President Victor Yanukovych and install compliant Ukrainian politicians like the current President Zelensky. They lobbied for US troops to be sent to Syria to aid moderate rebels seeking to overthrow President Bashar al Assad, instead creating a Caliphate. American forces ended up bombing the actual forces that they had armed, becoming out of arrogant hubris Assad’s de facto Air Force.

The Biden administration is full of these morons of war, including Biden himself. They all come from a cabal of moral and intellectual trolls. They are united by the demand for larger and larger defense budgets and an unceasing increasing military. They are the illicit and despicable courtiers to power, the self-made barbarians of the intelligentsia of the Pentagon leviathan.

Reality ceased to exist for these cravenous cretins after the end of World War II. The overthrow of democratically elected governments by the US during the Cold War in Indonesia, Guatemala, the Congo, Iran and Chile, where the CIA assassinated anyone that didn’t support American evil, the Bay of Pigs, the war crimes in the Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and the murderous war mongering manufactured by the Pentagon in the Middle East, have been eviscerated into a black void of willful collective unconsciousness, and historical amnesia. Their devilish claim, they profess, is that American global domination is a benign force, appropriate for benevolent hegemony.

We the people, however, profess to believe that, “of one blood God made all nations of men to dwell on the face of the earth, and hath commanded all men, everywhere, to love one another,” yet we notoriously hate and glory in our hatred of all men whose skins are not colored like our own.

We the people, profess to the world, that we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; and that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” and yet we hold securely people in bondage around the world, which according to Thomas Jefferson, “is worse than ages of that which our fathers rose in rebellion to oppose.”

The existence of the disparities of the huge inequalities in this country and throughout the world is a sham upon humanity, and a base pretense of our Christianity as a lie. It has destroyed our moral standing at home and worldwide. It has corrupted our American politicians. It has destroyed the foundations of our religion, it makes our country’s name a hissing and a bye word to a mocking world.

As the Roman public was disintegrating, few of its citizens peacefully acquiesced as they witnessed the loss of their democratic rights. In Shakespeare's famous depiction of the politics of those times, one citizen, Cassius, asks Brutus, “Upon what meat doth this, our Caesar feed that he has grown so great?”

We must consider and reject now, and forever, the evil propositions that today’s imperialists, poisoned by the hubris of false pride and self-glorifying assumptions, have operated under since the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold war.

The fact that the United States caused the Soviet Union’s collapse has, like ancient Rome, put America on the path of the unbridled cancer of Covid Malthusianism, militarism and the eternal evil of expansive empire.

The most influential framer of the Constitution, James Madison, wrote in 1793, “In no part of the Constitution is more Wisdom to be found than in the clause that confides the question of war and peace to the legislature and not the executive branch…The trust and temptation would be too great for any one man.” Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution declares explicitly, “The Congress shall have the power to declare war.”

However, after September 11, 2001, a falsely elected president, vomited up by a corrupt electoral system and Supreme Court, unilaterally declared that the nation was “at war” perpetually against “terrorism.” The falsely elected president considered any opposition to his policies to be an act of treason, all while the co-opted Congress sat on their hands, during their “week of shame,” from October 3 to 10, 2002.

The hubris of evil arrogance and the twisted patriotic pride of militarism and empire has brought upon us the perverse prevarications of propositions usurping our liberties like, the Patriot Act, and Homeland Security, and the Special Access Program, the official name for the black budget. It has brought about the renunciation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 that prevents the military from engaging in police activities without the consent of the Congress or the president.

James Madison was so fearful of military dominance that he wrote in The Federalist, No. 41, “a standing army (military) force is a dangerous provision.”

The falsely elected president Bush, also expanded presidential power, at the expense of the Constitution by establishing a little known and totally secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which threatens to bring us an American version of the Star Chamber, Henry VIII’s personal tribunal for taking action against his opponents and having them whipped, pilloried, branded or murdered, our modern day waterboarding.

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There may be one thing that could possibly put a halt to this hideous overreaching of empire. The people and the “people’s agenda” could take over Congress as we are beginning to see, with the genuine progressives in Congress.

We must reform Congress along with the corrupted election laws that have made it into a cesspool temple for special interests. We must make it into an honest assembly of democratic representatives, and end the lethal supply of money to the leviathan Pentagon and its secret intelligence agencies and organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), that spreads fake democratic regimes around the world, as we see in Ukraine, in order to install beholden, murderous tyrants. We must overcome the long entrenched interests of the armed forces and the military industrial complex, as Eisenhower warned.

It may be difficult to imagine how Congress, much like the Roman senate in the final days of the Republic, could be resurrected and made free of its endemic corruption.

It was Socrates who saw the political system in Athens, Greece, as weak, ignorant, profligate and morally bankrupt. He said that it was impossible for a good person to participate in the charade of justice the government perpetrated.

For speaking this truth, for challenging the legitimacy of a corrupt political system, as the jailed Julian Assange and other truth tellers, such as Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges, who had his weekly reports on RT shut down in February 2022, by Biden’s State Department brownshirts, Socrates was sentenced to die. He was charged with corrupting the morals of the Athenian youth. Today, our truth tellers are charged, ostracized and demonized because they challenge the lies and the immorality of the corrupt war making ruling class.

The words of Thomas Jefferson, are very important and prescient as to how long people should tolerate an unresponsive government. His message was, “when the situation becomes intolerable the people need to get active and take back their government.”

Our country’s independence was declared in 1776 by patriots, who had shown the honor of their efforts for independence by thwarting the British oligarch’s attempts to impose unjust taxes; the Stamp Act of 1765 and the Tea Tax of 1773. These patriots were young men. Thomas Jefferson was thirty-two, James Madison was thirty-five, John Hancock was thirty-nine, John Adams was forty-one, and their leader George Washington was only forty-four.

It is always the young who can give the people their collective judgment and that “new birth of freedom,” were Abraham Lincoln’s words.

It is always the young who break through the shams and frauds and raise our expectations levels beyond our eroded complacent horizons. It is always the young who seek the “impractical and impossible” as entrenched excuses by the established interests continue to avoid our realizable caring futures.

When three hundred of the richest people on Earth have wealth equal to the bottom three billion on Earth, it is an extreme affluence of evil, built on the backs of extreme mass poverty.

And now we have a supposedly good president in Biden following the disaster of the corrupt Trump, who on Sunday June 27, 2021, ordered an illegal bombing of Syria and Iranians in southern Iraq. The Pentagon spokesperson stated, that “the United States acted pursuant to its right of self defense.” Neither Syria or Iraq is a U. S. property, and the U. S. has no legal right to be fighting wars in either country. Claiming that the airstrikes were “defensive” and “an act of self defense” is blatantly deceitful.

Now Biden, and the co-opted war-making Congress sends 55 billion, 130 million per day to Ukraine to fight Russia in a war NATO and American NGOs created, under the guise of establishing democracy.

This proxy war in Ukraine is being waged, not with the intention of saving Ukrainian lives by delivering a swift defeat to Moscow, but with the intention of creating a costly, grueling military quagmire to weaken Russia on the world stage, to sabotage the Russian gas pipeline to Germany and Eastern Europe, the Nord Stream 1, and to replace the natural resources of Russia, oil and gas, with US controlled Petro dollars.

We are paying an exasperating social, political and economic cost for our mad mens’ militarism. Both co-opted political parties in Washington watch passively as our country rots morally, politically, economically and physically, while China, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia and other Progressively evolving countries extract themselves from the tyranny of the US Petro dollar and the International Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), a messaging network banks and other financial use to send or receive information, such as money transfer instructions.

When the US Petro dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency and there is an alternative to SWIFT, it will bring about an internal economic collapse. It will rightly force the immediate contradiction of the corrupt US empire shutting down its 800 military installations overseas. It will signal the death of the illicit American empire, the rightful death of Pax Americana.

How would Americans feel if Russia broke a political promise and surrounded the United States on the borders of Canada and Mexico with their soldiers?

The U. S. proxy presence in the Ukraine with CIA and neo -Nazi forces, and throughout the Middle East and Eastern Europe is blatantly illegal, but such things never stop the US. The US government is a lawless evil entity indeed.

Only the US war machine and its subservient media could possibly take seriously the Biden administration’s claim that the bombs they drop on people in their own countries were “defensive” in nature.

Truly new innovative features of foreign policy needs to be developed far away from the war wonks and terror technocrats with narrow, murderous fields of vision.

The current Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade, abortion rights debates are classic “dog whistle,” look the other way Freudian tactics to distract the public from this diabolical NATO induced illegal Ukraine War, that has been in the making since the arrogant hegemonist, British imperialist Halford Mackinder postulated it in 1904, and became strategically acted on by the OSS and CIA sponsored neo-Nazis at the end of World War II.

We must create the new “Enlightenment,” with a new community of holistic thinkers; political experts, economists, urban planners, sociologists, historians, educators, aid people, military people, and foreign advisors to shape the new strategy of peace on the world.

Out of this, a kind of 11th commandment would emerge, where military actions would be forever re-rated, as the last resort, where foreign policy, the preserve of an elite not answerable to the electorate would be eviscerated, and where the flag of evil was not glorified.

Indeed, what does Independence Day represent today to a country that has become fascist by the evil machinations of unbridled corporatocracy, and the military congressional industrial complex.


“Oh say can you see by the dawn’s revealing light, all the killing we’ve done in needless wars that we fight?”

“What so falsely we hail at twilight’s last gleaming.”

“Whose broad stripes and bright stars boast imperious wars that aren’t right.”

“O’er the ramparts we watch as our bombs cause killing and screaming.”

“And the drone’s laser stealth glare, the depleted uranium bombs bursting in air, gave proof to the right, that our false flag was still there.”

“Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave, o’er the land of the un-free and the home of the depraved.”

Only when we make the reforms necessary to rid us of the evil war machine and restore our freedoms and the dignity of mankind, will our hollow anthem ring true. Only then will we be able to truly raise our voices in unity and with pride, and honor, and sing those first words with pride.

“Oh say can you see?”