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The Taliban of Texas state House of Representatives released a much anticipated “report” on the massacre in Uvalde that left 19 young children and two adults dead from a teenage shooter. It pointed out that the carnage was due to a clusterf*uck, but tamely concluded that the at worst the police on scene did nothing more than be “lackadaisical” while waiting endlessly to take out the gunman.

As the report speculates, “"Of the approximately 142 rounds the attacker fired inside the building, it is almost certain that he rapidly fired over 100 of those rounds before any officer entered." Repeat that to yourself, and realize the unnecessary death caused by being “lackadaisical.”

As the BBC reported on Sunday:

A report into the Uvalde school shooting in Texas that killed 21 people has found "systemic failures and egregiously poor decision making" by those involved in the response.

The preliminary report by a committee of the state's House of Representatives was published on Sunday after first being delivered to victims' families.

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However, the report, as is typical in chickenhawk-armed but cowardly Texas, states, according to the BBC:

While the report heavily criticizes law enforcement, it also says there is no one "to whom we can attribute malice or ill motives," other than the attacker.

Even with guns, the NRA-loving police don’t have the guts to take on a teenager with firearms.

So, it’s understandable, that according to a June 8 BBC report, a teacher who was wounded echoed that the police pacing around for 77 minutes were craven.

The whole lot of them should be fired and exiled from a town where they caused unfathomable grief.