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You’ve all read about the March For Our Lives in Washngton, D.C. Maybe you went there, or maybe you participated in one of the marches around the country, or maybe even around the world. I participated. I went to the one in Burbank, California. When I signed up, the website said that there would be 341 people. But when my three friends and I arrive, there were easily 1000 people.

gun control march
gun control march

Well, why not? There was even a huge march in Houston. Huge for Texas, at least. If you can get people marching in Texas for gun control, you can do it anywhere.

Here are my pictures for the march in Burbank. My three friends and I are from the North Hollywood Senior Arts Colony. One of my friends could hardly even walk; she brought a chair and spent part of her time sitting down. I had tried to get other people in our building to participate, but many of the invitees couldn’t come because of physical ailments, recent operations, illness or the like.

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But that’s okay. At the march there were babies in carriages, oldsters in wheelchairs, people of all colors and ages with signs. It was really encouraging.

This is the fourth rally I’ve been since the year’s beginning. I went to the Martin Luther King March, the Women’s March, the National School Walkout, and now the March For Our Lives. I haven’t seen as much motivation in the populace since the Vietnam War.

If all these people vote, there’s going to be a massive upheaval in the legislature. Locally, there are five Democratic candidates running for the local assembly seat, and we are receiving several pieces of voting literature every day.

Michael Hertz