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Monday marks the 70th anniversary of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights." Around the world, a special flag will be flown today—not so much to celebrate as to remind.

Human Rights Anniversary


  • Unimaginably barbaric abuses; oppressions; deprivations; denials of freedom, physical or intellectual or of dignity;
  • Proclaimed denials to the world by perpetrators who continue to inflict barbarity; incarcerations of prisoners of conscience; "re-education" brainwashing;
  • Torture; sex-exploitation slavery; political slavery, economic slavery, conflict-related slavery, and slavery designed to extract labor while inflicting pain and killing those in bondage;
  • Myriad manifestations of physical-mental-emotional brutality;
  • Deprivations and genocidal exterminations based simply on race, creed, religious or ethnic or tribal affiliation;
  • Intentionally-inflicted blindings and amputations and cripplings by sledge hammer and pliers and sharpened stick and sword, and beheadings and other forms of executions (some performed slowly) often to make examples and send messages to keep others in line;

…ALL still continue in our world that is inexcusably fond of denying it.

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The word "outrage" has become the political equivalent of the "f-word," so frequently and reactively expressed that it has lost the power that words should evoke.

Those things are happening right now, today, even on this anniversary day, and they continue to happen every day. Right here in our not-yet-bright-future with our virtual, cyber, order-everything-on-line voluptuary of the future, we never got the future we were promised. Our instantly-available-everything world is a distraction of self-indulgent playthings to avoid our contemplating that our little worlds do not reflect objective reality, or our expectations derived from a tv reality show, because actual reality is invisible to our denyingly, delusionally, comfortably-numb, market-driven, predictive-analytic-trending-fad, media-ratings-driven world of the 21st century.

And if learning there are—within United States government-run "Immigrant Detention Facilities"—lice-infested, flu-ridden, vomiting sick children, with infants left solely in their care, with no showers and no soap and no running water and an open bucket in the middle of a crowded cell as the only toilet; and that many of these children and infants are sleeping on concrete floors;

Human Rights Anniversary
  • in these government-run de facto concentration camps in Texas;
  • about which a U.S. Justice Department lawyer has proclaimed in court that a "toothbrush, soap, and blanket are not necessary provisions" in these "detention camps" populated by incarcerated children;

And if learning about these things sounds like any of the litany of abuses by the world's most depraved dictators and their regimes; and if these sound like the very things that all the signatory nations of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" agreed, 70 years ago today, that they would not allow to happen ever again, anywhere?

"Verily I say unto you, Since you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me."—from the Biblical Book of Matthew (25:40), and often cited by the late Mother Teresa.

The word "outrage" has become the political equivalent of the "f-word," so frequently and reactively expressed that it has lost the power that words should evoke. If we can bestow any vestige of its original meaning, what is happening in those border "detention camps" is an ABSOLUTE, un-nuanced, horrifying outrage that should shake this country to its very foundations.

If we just ruined your day, we won't apologize. If you didn't know, you needed to. So, now—if the will of the people really does prevail in this society—what are you going to do about it?

You can get all the contact links for your elected federal representatives here.

While you are giving them a piece of your mind, ask them if they are ready to "Repeal section 1325" of the Immigration and Naturalization Code. It's the section that allows these incarcerations to happen.


Larry Wines