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A lot of football metaphors have been kicking around lately. Was Trump’s attack on NFL players a misdirection play, a punt, a Hail Mary? Let’s call it an unforced fumble.

hurricane maria

Calling a First Amendment protest an unpatriotic act which dishonored our Flag, our National Anthem, our military sacrifices not only showed his typical ignorance of democratic institutions and values—but highlighted his hypocritical and racist justification of the “good people” marching with Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville.

But the true stain on our national honor has been the criminal neglect of the more than 3 million fellow Americans in Puerto Rico. No power, no food, no water, no housing, no medical treatment—HERE was the opportunity to honor our Flag, National Anthem, and Military. Rather than tweeting on the “national shame” exhibited by football players, why wasn’t he ordering the military, the hospital ships, the airlifts, the funds into a more-than-dire national emergency?

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Why isn’t he focusing on the moral necessity of immediate aid?

bob filner

No, Mr. President, once again YOU are the national shame.

Bob Filner