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Another news cycle chock full of breaking news. Some politicians walk the walk, some take the talk, and Donald Trump walks back the walk backs. Never in the annals of democratic experience is it likely an individual charged with the grave and solemn responsibilities of leading a great nation has one so cavalierly and with sinister intent violated the trust between the government and its people.

Illegitimate President

America is living a nightmare and it is unclear to what extent that circumstance was self inflicted. Trump was elected by the Electoral College but not by the popular vote, immediately casting some doubt on the legitimacy of the election, however, with each passing week it is becoming evident that Russian interference in our electoral process may actually have played an outsized if not determinative role in the final results.

Donald Trump acts as though he has much to hide, like a dog who has despoiled the carpet and betrays any innocence by tucking his tail between his legs, pinning his ears back, and skulking around with his head down.

It is no secret that Donald Trump acts as though he has much to hide, like a dog who has despoiled the carpet and betrays any innocence by tucking his tail between his legs, pinning his ears back, and skulking around with his head down. Increasingly, however, evidence continues to accumulate that draws into clearer and clearer focus that he will go down in history as the bastard child of a corrupted electoral process and forever be known as the “Illegitimate President.” His continuing waffling and obfuscation on Russia’s active involvement is suspicious, particularly in light of his knowledge of such prior to assuming office.

Regardless of the insecurities he suffers as an egomaniacal fraud one can only hope that he is:

  • exposed as such;
  • convicted for his complicity in what is the most heinous scam of all time; and
  • suffers from the ignominious distinction of being rejected by humanity for crimes which redefine justification for impeachment.
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There is reason to believe that he fears illegitimacy more than dishonor, incompetence, infidelity, an absolute inability to tell the truth, and/or mental instability. When the historical script is written it very well may tell the sad story of an individual consumed by the need to win at all costs and devoured by the nagging acknowledgment that in all respects he is a monumental failure. It’s all about Trump.

Without the faintest idea of the complexities of serious public policy formulation, a near dyslexic view of historical perspective, and an attention span that does not comport with the concept of logical thought he resorts to bullying, bluster, and belligerence. The absence of a moral compass, empathy, and vision truly distinguish him as a modern-day Prince of Darkness. Combined with a perverted sense of value and the unconditional rejection of ethical consideration the fate of our nation is currently in the hands of a delusional tyrant determined to prove once and for all to himself that he is worthy of the adulation he so desperately craves.

And just what will it take for our elected representatives, particularly those who find themselves beholden to their own need for electoral self-preservation, to examine their own consciences and exercise their own responsibilities to promote the common good? How close to the edge must we come before it is too late? And in the end is it really worth it to lord over a landscape riddled with the destruction and mayhem that surely will result from the miscalculation of not having acted sooner?

The instability of a world order reeling from the recklessness of a whimsical malcontent tossing and turning rudderless in a churning sea of uncertainty portends almost predictable disaster from miscalculation, miscommunication, or missed opportunities. Each day in this horror show brings with it both a palpable excitement and a maddening frustration. As the collective blood pressure rises, day in and day out, it is only a matter of time before the inevitable stroke paralyzes our ability to function.

While the elections in November may help set in motion a resolution to the discomfort and disquiet that is afflicting our democracy, we owe it to ourselves, to our children, to the world, to step up and do the right thing, now! Impeach the President!


Lance Simmens