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White House Photo: Pete Souza

As the Limbaugh Sun King languidly sets in the East and the Son of Joe McCarthy, Teddy Cruz, rockets to brief meteoric life in the West, the FOXhole is all a twitter with conspiracies tantamount to treason. They fervently believe that these magic beans will grow tall and inevitably lead through the Rose Garden, into the Oval Office and crash the Kenyan Socialist Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. In their sweet dreams it will. In their turgid nightmares it will. In reality, it probably will not. Let us then separate the wheat from the chaff in this latest saga of the West Wing and the Right Wing.

Yes, Americans were killed in Benghazi by murdering punks under the guise of a holy war and the CIA distorted the facts. So they say, on both sides. Yes, the IRS targeted certain Tea Party groups, who wanted to get tax-exempt status for social work not politics, with a one-size-fits-all closer inspection. Who likes the IRS anyway, right? They did the same thing to the NAACP in the Bush era. However, now it turns out that the Tea people were lying but the NAACP was not. Oh well. And yes, the DOJ went after AP reporters because the AP reporters told the public what the National Security Apparatus was doing before the NSA wanted us to know - so the DOJ claims with a triumphant tone missing from their Bankster non-investigation. The AP fiasco is where the wheat and chaff of all of this noise really get going in different directions.

All of the attempted “Impeachments” blooming from the Benghazi calamity, the IRS kerfuffle, the assorted nuts and flakes of the Birthers and other Trumped up charges will not go down as the great tragedies that send the Obama White House into the ring of fire. They are merely the stark outward manifestations of an ingrained hereditary paranoia of a black man in the presidency; paranoia born of fear, hate and several hundred years of slavery, segregation and a Civil War. However, our true and imminent danger is the paranoia of the Executive Branch that has been building since World War Two. It seems that it got the best of the Democrats and President Obama as it has every presidency for the last seventy years. The AP affair, while not impeachable, does highlight the legitimate rebuke of the current leadership of the Democratic Party and its standard bearer in the White House by not only Progressives but a broad spectrum of Americans. The Security State is out of control.

Empire building, drone assassinations, arrest and imprisonment without due process or habeas corpus, loss of the right to peaceably assemble for a redress of grievances, failure to prosecute Wall Street Financiers for the Debt Swindle that created the Great Recession, continued harassment of Occupy, End the Drug War and Progressive groups, open-armed policies of exacerbated environmental destruction by the largest give-away of extractable energy leases in history; these are among the serious issues that the AP scandal is only the most recent example of. They all stem from a decades long over reach of Executive Branch power that remains unabated and reeks of paranoia, born of a dread of the inherent rights of the citizens they repute to owe allegiance to. It is both Republican and Democratic in origin and practice. It has gone on for far too long and must be stopped. It is the real threat to our freedom and liberty.

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So dear readers, we must walk the fine line of repudiating the tragicomic primping of Ted Cruz, Ayn Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell and the “Giggle, Smirk and Sneer” right wing entertainment complex, while forcing the Democrats and the President to confront the real threats to democracy that they pose with their continued obsession and partnership with the Military/Industrial/Prison Complex and its attendant bureaucrats. There is no “War on Terror.” Terror is a tactic not a people.

Brad Parker

This hysterical response to a complex relationship with the Middle East and all of its unintended consequences, along with the greatest folly of them all, the Drug War, has enthralled the ruling class of both parties and turned America into an armed and seething camp of paranoid militarism. We can all be righteously indignant about that. We must all continue to organize its dismantling.

Let us remain attentive, separate the wheat from the chaff in these ‘Inside the Beltway” sharp elbow grudge matches and demand action on our genuine American concerns as we reject the Washington D.C. Clown Circus of pundits and fools.

Brad Parker
Valley Dems United

Sunday, 30 June 2013