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Is Sarah Palin a Quitter?

While fishing in Alaska, Sarah Palin answers accusations that she is a quitter. Palin says running for president is not off the table.

Has Sarah Palin committed political suicide?

While fishing in Alaska, soon to be former Governor Sarah Palin answers accusations that she is a quitter. When confronted by CNN Special Investigative Reporter Drew Griffin, Palin responds that she is not a quitter. She says she'd been planning her resignation for quite some time and had deliberately picked July 3rd, the eve of Independence Day to announce it.

Griffin asked if the role of governor had become to tough for her. In true Palin fashion she replied "tough has been no I'm not gonna take that comfortable path. I'm gonna take the right path for the state. I'm gonna let the state progress and then I'm gonna be able to get out there and help people. Help effect change in our state and positive change in our nation, that is my goal, helping to work for other people to do such a thing, that is my goal."

Palin insists that she is committed to getting something done. She does not say what it is that she is going to get done but whatever it is, she appears to think that she can't do it as governor.

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When asked if she intends to run for president, Palin responded, "all options are on the table".

The interview concluded with Palin asserting that this (her resignation) is not a retreat, it's progress.