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The National Institute of Mental Health describes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as follows: “attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a brain disorder marked by an ongoing pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development.”

is trump winning

I fear that the peripatetic nature and impulsive-driven proclamations of the current occupant of the Oval Office is contributing to a nationwide exhibition of symptoms of this disorder, if only from shear exhaustion from having to pivot from one calamity to the next with barely a moment to catch one’s breath.

Whether this is strategic brilliance or uncontrollable infantile behavior will only unfortunately be revealed through an exhaustive historical rendering sometime in the future. In the meantime, we are left to struggle with a constant bombardment of embarrassing episodic tweets and twitches that substitute for program and policy direction.

There is no need to recap the latest week of intense and continuous obfuscation, misdirection, and distraction. Seemingly each week brings with it an unhealthier dose of chaos than the week before. For those who continue to follow this from the standpoint of historical curiosity whilst harboring disdain and incredulity that it is actually “happening here,” it is difficult to not wonder if it is in fact good for our mental health.

He has not only, at least to this point, managed to slip and slide through crisis after crisis in the eyes of his amazingly steady base of support but has prevailed over an internal mutiny that most likely will continue to grow

It also forces even the most ardent opponents of the President to wonder if in fact he might not be actually ‘winning.’ Certainly from a short-term perspective he has managed to escape many attacks that have or would have destroyed mere mortals. He has not only, at least to this point, managed to slip and slide through crisis after crisis in the eyes of his amazingly steady base of support but has prevailed over an internal mutiny that most likely will continue to grow with the imminent departure of several of those thought to be the first line of defense, the generals as in Kelly and McMaster, the so-called adults in the West Wing.

Of course, the Chief of Staff was handed the distasteful chore of bouncing Jarvanka, that two-headed hydra of raw patronage, so the longer he holds off the longer he will remain in a job that he is neither qualified nor capable of performing at an acceptable level. Trump, in his by now patented modus operandi, will even throw his family under the us without getting his hands dirty. What a man! What a leader! What a monumental sleaze!

Trump is dumbing down the government, he is dumbing down the American people, and I am coming to the conclusion that he really may not be that dumb, merely fanatical. I do not know if in the long run it makes a difference, but as he continues to degrade, deconstruct, and destroy a healthy if not protracted accumulation of legislative and administrative precedents the damages to democracy are adding up.

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Trump is not a populist. He merely plays one on the stage upon which he is now performing. To my brethren in the Mine Workers’ and Steelworkers Unions, don’t be fooled by his proclamations on “beautiful coal” and tariffs. These are palliative measures that will feel good at the moment and disappear in the night. The reality of alternative energy sources on the one hand and automation on the other are your enemies. The best way to make them your friends is to adapt to training programs for worker-intensive industries of the future, not a vane attempt to recreate the glory days of technological obsoletism.

This is not a call to simply throw our hands up and accept defeat, but it is a sober realization that the only way we can meet the challenge of an autocratic takeover of our nation is through the ballot box. We must look towards the future. Those candidates that can offer a path through the darkness rather than adherence to worn out and even some orthodoxy with respect to policies are what is needed.

If this President does face a constitutional crisis with regard to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation Republican complicity in enabling the President to wreck our fiscal condition, moral valuation, and commitment to racial justice and diversity must also be factored into the reevaluation of what direction we wish to travel for the sake of our children.

Thus, it is now more imperative than ever to reinstate a legitimate and solid foundation of checks and balances that will prove once and for all that we are a great country. The only way in which that will be accomplished will be flipping both the House and Senate to Democratic control.

During our last constitutional crisis, the Watergate era of 1973-74, there were titan public servants in Congress on the Republican side of the aisle who put patriotism over party. That does not exist today, thus it is critically important that we adhere to the Constitution and the wisdom of our founding fathers. Your vote will make the difference.

So, is Trump winning? Well in light of the results of Tuesday night’s astounding race in very conservative leaning Southwestern Pennsylvania one could make the argument that he has succeeded in shifting the narrative considerably to the right. In a grossly gerrymandered abomination of a district that will no longer exist after this election the apparent Democratic winner is by necessity forced to do what is necessary to win. But under no rational thought process conceivable is it not a fact that the Republicans blew a 20 percentage point cushion in a mere 16 months.

This would not have been possible without some serious reexamination of the collective soul of the voters in the 18th Congressional district. Quite possibly the answer may lie in the acceptance that even those who cast their votes for Trump are exhausted by the constant barrage leveled against common sense, good taste, and reason and do have a degree of buyer’s remorse.

We are still far from a verdict. That will most likely not be rendered until after November’s elections. We must continue to chip away at the core of what can only be described as an administration dedicated to chaos, and hope that the cumulation of unforced errors and arrogance help to diminish the effectiveness of Trump and Trumpism.


Lance Simmens