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This week's hearing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to become the pivotal swing vote on the U.S. Supreme Court has riveted the nation. At the last minute, his nomination was referred to the Senate floor for a vote to confirm, but with the condition that next week there will be a further FBI investigation into the new explosive charges about Judge Kavanaugh's heavy drinking and sexual attacks on girls when he was a teenager, and the real possibility that he was lying under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee and the world about his conduct.

Brett Kavanaugh Nomination

Here are my thoughts, both personal and more general.

  • According to, I am 15% Irish, and Judge Kavanaugh has a very Irish name and heritage. Based on what we have learned in the past several days, there is a good possibility that Kavanaugh is currently an alcoholic, as perhaps 50% of people with a strong Irish heritage are. Based on witness testimony this week, Kavanaugh has a history of heavy drinking going back to his teenage years, and when he is drunk, he is known to be a "mean, sloppy drunk" and is prone to blackouts, with no memory of what he did during those blackout spells.

He is an imposing figure, clearly very smart, and from his testimony this week, he has showed that he has a mean, snarling temper when he gets angry—not the judicial temperament that one would expect of a Supreme Court Justice.

  • As a privileged prep school student in the early 1980s at Georgetown Prep, an all-male Catholic school in Bethesda, Maryland, he clearly was part of a hard-drinking teen culture at the school, especially among the "jocks" at the school. He was a football and basketball player, spent time lifting weights and is very tall, perhaps 6'3", the height President Trump claims to be. He is an imposing figure, clearly very smart, and from his testimony this week, he has showed that he has a mean, snarling temper when he gets angry—not the judicial temperament that one would expect of a Supreme Court Justice.
  • Many of us knew football players and other "jocks' in high school, and many of them had

    similar attitudes. They felt entitled to do anything they wanted as the "kings" of the school, including taking advantage of the females at their school. They feel that they are so important that they deserve it.

  • In his 1982 Georgetown Prep yearbook, in addition to his jock experiences as a football player, captain of the basketball team, and a member of the varsity track team, he also says the following next to his picture (and what he means in each case):

"Keg City Club (Treasurer)--100 Kegs or Bust": he boasts about drinking a lot of beer, with his aim of drinking 100 kegs.<

"Anne Daugherty's—I Survived the FFFFFFFFourth of July": He testified that one of his friends liked to say "FFFFFFFF**K!" with an elongated "F". Was "Anne Daugherty's" a classmate or a bar?

"Renate Alumnius": One of his female friends was named Renate, and he and his football jock friends implied wrongly and cruelly that they had all taken advantage of her in their yearbook statements.

"Devil's Triangle": Does not refer to a "drinking game" as Kavanaugh stated in his testimony, but rather refers to a threesome, two men and a woman, having sex.

"Rehobeth Beach Fan Club": Rehobeth Beach, Delaware, was the hangout where Kavanaugh and his jock friends spent their time during "Beach Week".

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"Judge—Have You Boofed Yet?": This comment refers to his friend Mark Judge, who allegedly was in the bedroom when Kavanaugh sexually attacked Dr. Ford, and "boofed" means anal intercourse, not flatulence, as Kavanaugh testified.

"Beach Week Ralph Club": refers to vomiting after drinking beer during Beach Week; Kavanaugh testified that he has a "weak stomach" and sometimes barfs after eating spicy food or drinking.

Other statements he made in his high school yearbook cannot yet be interpreted.

  • In college at Yale, he was a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) fraternity, which to my experience is a hard drinking, almost cult-like college fraternity which has been kicked off a number of college campuses for bad conduct (including mine—Colgate). President George W. Bush, a hard drinker in his early adult years, was also a DKE at Yale.
  • At Yale, Kavanaugh was also a member of a secret male society named "Truth and Courage", also known to them as "Tit and Clit". More is not known at this time of his involvement in this "society".
  • In college, a female classmate has stated that Kavanaugh exposed his penis close to her face during a drinking game in their dormitory, and forced her to touch it as she pushed him away. Word of this event circulated widely on the campus, to her great embarrassment. Question to the young woman: can you describe it?. (Stormy Daniels has described Donald's as looking like a smaller-than-average-sized "toadstool". )
  • While at Yale Law School, he hosted a number of his classmates to a field trip to a

    Boston Red Sox game, and upon their late night return to the law school, they continued drinking heavily and "rolled down the steps".

  • Many witnesses have reported publicly about Kavanaugh's heavy drinking and blackouts.
  • Michael Avenatti has disclosed that he has a client who witnessed Kavanaugh and Mark Judge at high school parties spiking punch with vodka to get women drunk so they can be gang raped by a "train" of boys.
  • Another allegation has surfaced that in 1988 Kavanaugh was witnessed while heavily drinking at a D. C. bar slamming his date roughly against a wall and "grinding" her sexually. This would have happened while he was working for Ken Starr on the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky impeachment proceedings, well after his high school, college, and law school days.
  • In Maryland, where the sexual attack on Dr. Ford allegedly took place, there is no statute of limitations on sexual attacks, and the Attorney General of Maryland (a Democrat), could file criminal charges against Judge Kavanaugh for this sexual attack, which most likely would cause any confirmation of his appointment as a Supreme Court Justice to be suspended during the pendency of those criminal proceedings.
ted vaill

We'll see what happens…

Ted Vaill