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Katy Perry Crushes Nuns

Sisters Catherine Rose Holzman, second from left, and Rita Callanan, center, are escorted by businesswoman Dana Hollister, right, out of Los Angeles Superior Court. (ANTHONY MCCARTNEY/AP)

Multi-millionaire powerhouse Katy Perry’s continued ruthless attempt to buy a convent to turn into a private mansion took another tragic turn yesterday. The millionairess with an estimated worth of over $200 million has continued to pursue an insider deal with the Archdiocese to purchase a convent from elderly nuns even though the sisters had designated another buyer who was willing to pay more for their Los Feliz property.

Yesterday after an emotional court hearing one of the few remaining sisters, Sister Catherine Rose, died in the courtroom after an emotional proceeding related to the property transaction.

Despite Perry’s recent victory, which paves the way for her to finally own the convent, the powerful pop star had continued to forcefully pursue a major supporter of the nun’s who was also their preferred buyer. The millionairess who has the word “Jesus” tattooed to her wrist has been attempting to retrieve millions of dollars in court fees and legal costs as additional spoils from the victory over the supporter of the devastated nuns.

Just two hours before her death Sister Catherine Rose had complained to that the lawsuit had been harming her health.

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katy perry crushes nuns

There are insider, yet unverified reports that there is an emerging battle over the possession of Sister Catherine Rose’s remains. Sister Catherine’s cause of death is yet unknown.

Earlier in the day, Sister Catherine Rose made a public plea to Katy Perry “...please stop, it’s not doing anyone any good except hurting a lot of people”.

A review of the Perry’s Twitter account showed no mention of the death of the mega-stars Religious adversary and instead offers a glitzy promo of her current tour which starts with the lyrics of “Roar” in which she proudly proclaims “I got the eye of the tiger”.

Mario Solis-Marich

This story is developing….

Mario Solis-Marich