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This November, LA Progressive will be hosting the first ever Left Coast Forum 2017 in partnership with our friends at the Left Forum. The mission of the Left Coast Forum is to provide a venue for the kinds of critical conversations that are essential for building a stronger Left and a more just society.

Left Coast Forum 2017

Planned as an extension of the long running east coast Left Forum which has convened annually for more than 50 years in New York City, the Left Coast Forum 2017 is hosted on the west coast in the City of the Angeles. Los Angeles and specifically the Los Angeles Trade Technical College will be the venue where we'll gather for this event Nov 3-5, 2017. Continuing a tradition established by the Left Forum in the 1960s, the Left Coast Forum is a place where intellectuals, artists, activists and organizers are brought together to share perspectives, strategies, experience and a vision for revitalizing an American Left at a time that has never been more critical.

Taking direction from the Left Forum, our work parallels and cross-fertilizes with the renewal of left, progressive, radical social movement strength elsewhere—from indigenous movements to the electoral gains of European and Latin American left parties. Like many of these movements, the Left Coast Forum seeks to link the critique of neo-liberalism to anti-capitalism and to foster radical alternatives to the established order.

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The Left Coast Forum provides a context for critical engagement by people of different persuasions who, nevertheless, seek common ground. Please join us for the 2017 Left Coast Forum conference in Los Angeles.

Below you will find our official announcement text, as well as, links to the registration pagepanel submission form, tabling opportunities and more. Additionally, do keep an eye out for upcoming emails and on our Facebook event for further updates.

So, we hope to see you November 3-5, 2017.

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