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Mad Dog Republican’ts

The titillating current titular potentate titan of the Republican't Party is a junkie, who loves torture, Dominican sexual adventures, and illicit drugs, and admittedly hates the United States, its government, its laws, its leader, and the vast majority of “We the People,” wishing failure for our nation. Today's Republican't maxim: 'And an addict shall lead us.'


How is it possible that an immoral, Oxy-Cotin and Viagra tottin,' lawless neocon Svengali like Rush Limbaugh holds so much sway over the naysayers of the Republican't Party’s House members and the political Republican't base? There's a simple answer. Nazi Joseph Goebbels showed Limbaugh the way. By broadcasting propaganda on our formerly public airways since 1988, Limbaugh reaches over 590 conservative stations, as well as being the official broadcasting voice to our U.S. Military.

Thus Limbaugh acquired a legion of "ditto heads," including the "ditto head" Republican't House members who voted "NO" in neocon lockstep against the popular newly elected Obama's economy bailout of the current Republican't's Recession/Depression. Keep repeating lies and hate, fabricate enough misspeak, dominate the airwaves for over 20 years and the junkie created an addiction for the ditto heads, to get hooked on Rush.

The Most Silly, Childish Lockstep Republican't Use of Democrat
From the top of the Republican't ticket, to the Republican't bottom feeders like Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, John Boehner, and Anne Coulter, all of them trying to minimize the Democratic Party by repeatedly calling them "the Democrat." So why isn't it silly and childish to call the Republican't, the Republican't?

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The Republican't can't rule, can't govern, can't tell the truth, can't follow the Constitution, or our laws, can't be honest to the people, can't legally win an election, can't be morally or fiscally responsible, can't be other than greedy, can't relate to the nation's problems, can't have any vision to progress We the People, can't appoint the best and the brightest, can't protect us from terrorism after being warned 52 times, can't resist an illegal, deadly and nation busting unnecessary war for oil, war profits and power, can't help to rebuild failed education, healthcare, our economy, and infrastructure and... Republican'ts, can't recant...


The Republican'ts are no longer the Party of Lincoln. They are now the Party of Limbaugh. Can't we agree on that now?

Yes We Can.

Jerry Drucker