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Meet The Mockers

After the din of the desperados of defiant manifest destiny had wafted away across the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota. After the air escaped from the red, white, and blue balloons. After the moose gutter and the aerial bomber left the building. When all was quiet as midnight rolled across America. Just then, through the obfuscating clouds of impending doom could we make out the faces of the ever-present jokers of jingoism. Say hello voters to our old acquaintances in new faces - meet the mockers.


Oh my - it was all so jocular. One week of solid below the belt punch lines delivered by the meanest assemblage of carny barkers ever seen outside of a red state fair. There was Giuliani and Thompson, Huckabee and Lieberman, Bush and Bush, on and on until the lipsticked pit bull bit into the crowd. Yes sir, or maam as it were, she tore into the weak-kneed, dazzling urbanites like a griz comin’ out of a hibernation nightmare. Gov. Sarah Palin brought the house down with her sarcasm, wit, and relentless mocking atonal attack. It was almost enough to make you forget the issues. Almost.

Then, on Thursday night, the grinning GOP hurdy-gurdy jalopy plopped the prevaricating grand poobah out onto a freshly erected phallic stage extension and Katie bar the door, the Mocker in Chief was in the house. He did it all with a wry smirk but not as coarsely as Fred or Sarah dispatched the heathen enemy, the dreaded Democrat candidate (a pithy mini-mock of particular widespread use among the RNC chatterers), whose name cannot be mentioned. No indeed, Big John McCain, the Mocker in Chief, had come to Minnesota to lay into the big fish - truth, reality, history, and the American Way.

Only the fabled Elmer Gantry could have spewed out as many scintillating, spangled, and pitch-perfect lies to such a rapturous consumption as McCain let fly on the last night of the Republican Convention. It was a marvel of Rovian spin skewered on Luntzian misdirection, unequalled in recent memory, other than the sparkling sessions in the last eight years of the White House press briefings.

John pretended that the Democrats had messed everything up in DC and the Republicans were going to go down there and throw the bums out. Change was coming and coming hard. The obvious problem with the pitch was that the Republicans had been in control for the past eight years and were responsible for the mess. To be fair, they were aided and abetted by a gaggle of compliant capitulators from the other side of the aisle. Nevertheless, sending Republicans to clean out the Republicans was the thrust of the evening; capping a week of pin the tail on the donkey - bizarre but breathtaking in its audacity.

So, dear reader, that’s the entire week in St. Paul in a nutshell except for the copious number of citizens, arrested attempting to exercise their freedom of speech. Both conventions and parties exhibited a deafening horror at the mere hint of censure. Main Stream Media excised the uncomfortable bits for the fly-over crowd. As the elephant leaves the room, only one more observation remains to be made.

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Among the many terms used to define mock or mocking you will find the following: to imitate; counterfeit, to treat with ridicule or contempt; deride, simulated; false; sham, in an insincere or pretending manner, to frustrate the hopes of; disappoint. It must be assumed that the smart women and men of the GOP/RNC have decided to go with this “mock them to death” game plan for the general election. Given that they have no principled ground to stand on, that makes sense. It is a desperate but clever act. Even though it is a sign of integral weakness, they have used it to great effect before.

Looking out across the roiling swell of querulous everymen and everywomen being jawboned into a frenzy at the Republican Convention, you could plainly see that they were being taken for a ride. By setting up the Democrats as a straw man, alien, fearful and un-American, the vivacious mockers were actually mocking the hopes and dreams of the convocation before them.

As John McCain exhorted them to stand up and fight, over and over again, you could hear the change falling out of their pockets, you could see the health vanishing from their families, and you knew they were going to vote against their own interests; easy marks, set up and knocked down by a lustrous old huckster and his leggy side kick - one more massive mockery of America, truth and reality.


by Brad Parker

Brad Parker is an award winning artist, songwriter, producer and musician. He has recorded, toured and produced hits in North America, Europe and Asia. Parker owns Indie label Riozen records and is a co-founder of "". Brad is a prolific political writer and speaker as well. Parker is very involved with Democratic political organizations including: President, Valley Democrats United, Vice President, Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, Platform Committee of the California Democratic Party and Delegate, CDP Central Committee from the 42nd Assembly District.

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