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Yesterday I vented my angst and anger at Robert Mueller in an article essentially blasting him for not finishing the job he accepted as Special Counsel . I had come to the conclusion that he basically did not fulfill his oath to the country and the Constitution to protect them from insidious foes domestic and foreign. Well, it certainly did the trick as I am assured by sources within my head that it inspired him to finally take the step of unveiling his own frustrations over the treachery of a corrupt Attorney General and administration who willfully conspired to mislead the public over Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election. Please accept my sarcasm here as an attempt to control my own blood pressure.

mister mueller

The attendant damage of allowing the Trump administration to essentially dictate the public narrative for a solid month before stepping up to the plate is both unforgivable and may prove fatal.

And while I am somewhat relieved that my original faith as well as that of millions of other patriotic Americans was vindicated to a certain extent I am not naive enough to think that in the end the good guys will actually win, that the truth will prevail. The attendant damage of allowing the Trump administration to essentially dictate the public narrative for a solid month before stepping up to the plate is both unforgivable and may prove fatal. The scales of justice are badly weighted to one side and the loss of balance may very will have tipped the scales in such a way that they have poisoned the beliefs of a generation or more in the notion that the arc of the moral universe actually bends towards justice.

Robert Mueller is generally lauded as an institutionalist, an unflappably honest broker brimming with integrity and hence the perfect foil for an administration steeped in lies and deceit and has been inextricably tied to a conspiracy and cover-up of a cyber coup. On the day when the unofficial tally of untruths fomented by our Blusterer-in-Chief surpassed 10,000 and a public weary of interminable bickering, whining, and disinformation struggles with constant conflict and intractable division, Mueller’s concerns were finally revealed, indirectly, in an effort to set the record straight.

Now I consider myself an institutionalist, having spent nearly four decades in public service and to this day dedicated to the notion that government can solve serious problems and can legitimately say that I have sacrificed much over the years in the form of potential career advancement. However, I have never sacrificed my principles or integrity and consider being an institutionalist as still having a positive connotation. That view is currently under assault by an administration and a Republican Party enamored with the conspiratorial fantasy of deconstructing the administrative state. This is the real coup against democracy.

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I fear, however, that Mueller’s dedication to institutional benevolence may have been misguided to the extent that it blinded him from seeing the truly evil forces at work within the government he has devoted his professional life to serving. In political parlance, he very well may end up as having a strategy for enlightenment that is proverbially too cute by half. His silence served him well during the two year investigation and lent a certain gravitas to his mission and his work, ensuring that the product would be worthy of high praise. But we are now engaged in a public fight for the soul of our beliefs.

By maintaining silence while his work product is being publicly castrated by a President and Attorney General the Special Counsel is effectively surrendering the high ground in the court of public opinion. To his chagrin his letter memorializing objections to the distortion and mischaracterization of his work was ignominiously buried in the scrapheap of unanswered correspondence while the no collusion, no obstruction roadshow carnival captured the airwaves. The question now is whether the damage done by the denizens of disaster posing as political leadership within the Republican Party, Mueller’s party, has rendered the patient incapable of recovery. Most certainly the patient, the American people, is on life support.

So Mr. Mueller, I respect you but question why you waited so long? What in the world did you have to lose? Were you so captured by the institutions you revere that you lost your moral compass? Now you must emerge from the quicksand that you created by your silence. The question now is whether or not you have the sagacity and the will to exercise it to the benefit of a nation that cries out for statesmanship.

Make me eat my words and apologize for doubting your sincerity. Show us that you actually do have the fortitude take on those forces that have taken our democracy hostage. Show the world that American ingenuity and the underlying principles that have made America great are alive and well. O Captain! My Captain! regroup and charge that hill, so many have placed so much faith in your leadership, and it is long past time to take a stand, so stand tall.


Lance Simmens