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So Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally obtained some more grand jury indictments. A week or so ago, I could feel that another set of indictments was coming. And there are (many) more to follow. Trumputin should be quivering in his golden boots, and many of his children, in-laws, assistants and political hacks are certain to end up in the slammer. And if any of the indicted Russians decide to take a nice vacation at the Riviera, they may end up at Guantanamo Bay instead.

mueller indictments

Who is now endangered? Given the detail in the 37-page indictment of Russian operatives and trolls, with information clearly provided by NSA and other U.S. spy agency intercepts, by moles in the Russian government, and by Russian operatives who have been flipped, indictments of Americans are sure to follow, and soon.

Trumputin should be quivering in his golden boots, and many of his children, in-laws, assistants and political hacks are certain to end up in the slammer.

The only interviews Mueller has left to do are:

  • finishing up with Steve Bannon, who may have flipped or now be in the process of flipping; and
  • the Big Kahuna, Donald John (or Joseph, who knows which it is) Trumputin, the President of the Electoral College of the United States.
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But the interview of Trumputin will never happen; his lawyers will tell him "NO", and being a chicken at heart, he will acquiesce, and they will wage war in the courts hoping that Mueller will give up. And he will—he has enough evidence on Trumputin without getting him to lie, whether under oath or not (makes no difference).

Muelller is not aiming at getting Trumputin indicted, since it is legally unclear if a sitting President can be indicted, except for murdering his mother. What Mueller is trying to do is to develop such a mountain of evidence that Trumputin is guilty of Russian money laundering, collusion with the Russians, obstruction of justice, and violations of the Emoluments Clause that he must be impeached and removed from the Presidency. Unless he quits first, as he always does…


It will happen after the 116th Congress is seated in January 2019, with a Democrat majority in the House and a slim GOP majority in the Senate. The impeachment will follow with lightning speed in the House, and the trial in the Senate will just be underway when Trumputin suddenly announces his resignation, for "health reasons". Just prior to resigning, his lawyers will negotiate furiously for 1) no jail time; 2) no fine; and 3) avoiding the destruction of his businesses.

Former President Trumputin will need money extracted from his damaged empire to pay off his legal fees and those of his children, and these fees will continue if he wants to try to get them out of the slammer. He will let Jared Kushner spend his own money to try to get out of jail, and he has completely abandoned the many people who worked on the campaign who are fighting jail or sitting in it.

The Goodbye

[dc]A[/dc]ll that is needed to make this happen is a pardon for our Dear Leader. If the incoming President, Paul Ryan, agrees… (Or President Nancy Pelosi, if there's a god in heaven.)

ted vaill

Ted Vaill