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President Obama, after a thumping in the mid-terms (except in California) and with a little over two years left in his Presidency, seems to be moving toward a strategy of saying "Screw Congress" and going it alone, using the powers of the Presidency to accomplish what Congress is unwilling or unable to do: combating world climate change, immigration reform, fighting ISIS, net Internet neutrality, etc.

He has announced that he has pledged $2.5 billion in American funds to the Green Climate Fund at the G20 summit in Australia, after working out a secret deal with China to reduce carbon emissions in their respective countries over the next decade. This, as a climate change denier, Sen. James Imhofe of Oklahoma, prepares to take over the chairmanship of the Senate committee overseeing this area next year.

Next week, Obama plans to announce a broad overhaul of the nation's immigration enforcement system that will stop the deportation of up to five million "illegal" immigrants and allow them to obtain work permits. This is certain to enflame the Republicans in Congress as they, the political party Americans like the least, prepare to take over the body of government Americans trust the least (Congress).

Obama is also seeking additional billions from Congress to fight ISIS and to double the troops being sent to Iraq, putting the GOP war hawks like John McCain in a bind: they can't adopt their reflexive attitude of opposing the President on everything he wants, when he has essentially sided with them.

On Net Internet neutrality, Obama's urging of a free and open Internet was a bold statement of a position that many progressives have sought from him. Let's hope he follows through on this.

On Net Internet neutrality, Obama's urging of a free and open Internet was a bold statement of a position that many progressives have sought from him. Let's hope he follows through on this.

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Another item on the President's near term agenda is the Keystone Pipeline, which may pass Congress this year and be sent to him for signature or veto. He seems to be tending towards a veto, saying that the pipeline is for Canadian oil that will be sent abroad and not used in the U.S. Lurking in the background here is that the Koch Brothers' refineries would also benefit from the pipeline, if it is approved. Louisiana Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu is a goner either way, so the President should not bend over backwards to help her by approving Keystone.

Also on the horizon is the case the Supreme Count recently ripped away from the Circuit Court of Appeals before it could hold an en banc hearing on the panel decision on Obamacare regarding the glitch in the law concerning the state versus federal healthcare systems now in place. Many pundits think the conservative five Grumpy Old Men on the Court will use this case to gut Obamacare, throwing many millions of young people off their parents' policies, leaving those with pre-existing conditions hung out to dry, and millions of poor people without healthcare. How will Obama deal with this if it happens before the end of his term?


Some of the more radical Republicans in Congress are mumbling the word "Impeachment" if Obama goes forward with his strategy of thumbing his nose at Congress. It was in the seventh year of President Clinton's Presidency that the Republican-controlled House impeached him, before the Senate acquitted him.

The same could happen to Obama, but rather than lying about a tawdry affair with a White House intern, Obama would be brought to trial in the Senate for doing his job of running the country and trying to solve its problems, a job that Congress has refused to do themselves. If this happened, it would make the U.S. look like a banana republic, trying to depose its leader because it disagrees with his policies.

But if the GOP managed to get rid of President Obama before the end of his term, they would get President Joe Biden, unless they think of ways to get rid of him too. Then we would have President John Boehner.

ted vaill

If all this breaks right, by the 2016 elections, the GOP will have alienated young people, women, and minorities so much that we will have a Democratic President and Congress in January, 2017.

Ted Vaill