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[dc]"O[/dc]ne of the strangest—and for me, most annoying—perversions of politics in the Obama era is the meme pursued by so many on the right suggesting that this president is a raging socialist who seeks to install a permanent welfare state in America—despite all evidence to the contrary,” Rick Ungar recently wrote on the Forbes Internet website,.

brian patrick moore

He added, “If Barack Obama is indeed a socialist, he must be the absolute worst socialist in recorded history.”

Brian Patrick Moore agrees. Rather, he insists the president is not a socialist at all.

Said Moore : “Obama's policies and actions during the entire four years of his presidency are based on his total embrace of capitalism and protecting America 's capitalistic economic system.”

If it really does “take one to know one,” Moore is “one.” He is a socialist and proud of it. The 69-year-old Floridian was the Socialist Party USA's nominee for president in 2008.

Moore chose not to toss his hat in the ring for the White House in 2012, but not because the president won him over. Moore endorsed comedian Roseanne Barr, who ran as the candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party, a socialist party based in California , according to Moore who said he helped get her name on the ballot in Florida .

“Obama was Bush III during his first administration's presidency, and will now start and implement his second administration along the lines of Bush IV,” Moore said.

“President Obama acts and speaks like a Republican, empowering the capitalist system, the business sector and the free enterprise system.”

Unger is one of the few newshounds who has taken time to dispute the common claim of Republicans, especially those who tilt toward the tea party, that Obama is a socialist.

Moore said he is happy to help set the record straight, too. He has a website left over from his presidential bid. It includes a phone number (352) 686-9936 and email address,

Anyway, Moore got his 15 minutes of fame in ’08 after the GOP started pinning the "socialist" tag on Obama. A few journalists and TV talking heads sought Moore out for the Real McCoy socialist perspective.

Moore went on CNN, C-SPAN and Colbert Nation. He was even a guest on Republican-friendly Neil Cavuto’s Fox News show several times.

On the ballot in just eight states, though eligible for write-in votes in 23 other states, he collected 6,528 votes, according to the Federal Election Commission.

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Moore did better at the ballot box in 2010, when he ran for governor of the Sunshine State in the Democratic primary. He lost to Alex Sink, who lost to Republican Rick Scott. But Moore managed 201,705 votes, or a tad more than 23 percent of the total, say records in the Florida secretary of state’s office.

Moore, who lives in Spring Hill , Flordia, is still happy to talk to reporters and he doesn’t pull punches.

For example, he said the Affordable Health Care Act, which conservatives claim is uber-socialism, is just more capitalism.

“The president’s health care law will add 36 million new American customers to the health insurance industry, nationwide hospitals and HMO's and will lead to a huge increase in new business for the large pharmaceutical companies as well.

“This is empowering the private capitalistic sector, with little if any government controls. If anything, Mr. Obama has reinforced the broken health care system, and economically empowered the private capitalist health sector for years to come. This is being a blatant capitalist, not a socialist.”

There’s more from Moore: “Obama's support for the Bush tax exemptions, plus his bailout of the banking and automobile industries in 2008, and the fact that he, as a presidential candidate, took in over $1 billion in 2012 campaign contributions from large American corporations, interest groups and labor unions, along with millions of dollars from Wall Street banks and financial institutions proves he is still enslaved by the capitalist system, and dependent on its money for his political victory and survival.”

He added, “Most importantly, President Obama also continued his extension of the Patriot Act, the Military Tribunal Law, the National Defense Authorization Act and other legislative laws that have effectively endorsed war without end, deprived American citizens of their constitutional rights and freedoms and makes indefinite military detention of American citizens, without charge or trial, a permanent feature of the American legal system. President Obama is embracing practices contrary to the basic tenets of any constitutional democracy.”

Moore also lambasted Obama’s “foreign policies of ongoing wars and unmanned drone bombings in the Middle East, his ongoing support of Israel and his threats and saber-rattling toward Iran , Afghanistan , Pakistan and Syria .” All, according to Moore , “are graphic examples of his ongoing war-mongering, support and perpetuation of the American arms industry and of empowering the United States ' Defense Department, thus assuring his ongoing support of the capitalistic, war-making economic system.”

Doubtless, the president and his supporters would hotly deny Moore ’s charges if they knew about them.

Berry Craig

And while conservatives will likely continue to brand Obama a "socialist," Moore will keep on dropping "f" bombs on the president -- okay, not that "f" bomb.

"Obama's actions are not only not socialistic, they are also undemocratic, bordering on blatant fascism,” maintained Moore.

Berry Craig

Friday, 11 January 2013