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 On July 25, the highlight of the Senate discussion and vote to study and repeal/replace Obamacare, or do something, anything, to form a new health care bill building probably on the crushing and punitive Congressional bill, was the brave Senator McCain, who in the midst of dealing with gioblastoma brain cancer, made a statement directed to how the Senate should be behaving. His reminder of Senatorial history with cooperation on both sides of the aisle was the main and welcomed theme.

Our American Apocalypse

There was raucous applause for some of his strongly enunciated comments, but the most important statement seemed to stun this august body, yet it was clearly vital. This remark was the bravest and most truthful of any that have been made during the disaster of the Donald Trump presidency.

McCain forcefully stated, "remember that we are not subordinates to the President, but rather, we function as equals".

It seems that McCain is the rare legislator who has learned what the Constitution clearly states, and what Trump never learned, which is that our form of government, our democratic republic, is based on a tripartite system, with the Executive branch, the Judicial branch, and the elected Congress having equal and separated powers. This was established by the Founders to prevent tyranny by any one branch, or any one person, be it a King or a Dictator.

Immediately after the Senate voted to continue with forming a health care bill, which only passed 51 - 50 with the vote of VP Pence (Collins and Murkowski voted NO and joined with the unanimous Democratic Senators), Trump himself chose to hold a press conference wherein he lauded Senator McCain for coming to DC to vote without alluding to McCain's imposing statements, and then, during the Q and A stated to a reporter that Jeff Sessions should never have recused himself, and if he had known that Sessions would do that, he never would have appointed him as Attorney General. This is the same illegal and self aggrandizing position he keeps repeating.

This ignorant and autocratic leader of our nation still has not studied government, and he still does not understand that Sessions was mandated to recuse himself on the Russia/Putin/Trumpster investigation which is now the focus of the Bob Mueller as Special Counsel to the Dept. of Justice. This agency of government is overseen by this Attorney General and Sessions has told the public that his own DoJ lawyer, and the Ethics lawyers, advised him that he must recuse himself since he was a Trump campaign leader, and one of the many Trumpsters who had lied to Congress about their involvement with Russia during the campaign.

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Are there others besides McCain in the Republican Party who have a conscience and who will put our nation and our people, all our people, ahead of their singular party loyalty?

Which leads to the third alarmingly weird happening on this day of infamy.

Major exposed liar Jared Kushner, favorite family member of Trump, who has lawyered up with evidently the top criminal attorney in the United States, came out with the artful words of his attorney in an 11-page document that specifies his position, not only as Trump's son-in-law, but his top FBI clearance to be the prime advisor at Trump's elbow despite his complete lack of experience in government. Kushner's vast denials, and failed memory in filling out all mandated forms, raises the Red flag of the Trumpsters even higher.

This is only one day in the ongoing saga of the Trump family and their striking goal of ever increasing their personal wealth and power. It now seems however, that this greed and constant deception may lead to indictments for collusion with a foreign government to 'fix' an election, breaking the Emoluments Clause every single day since the Inauguration by profiting off doing business with foreign governments, and perhaps even Donnie Sr. falling under the wheels of the 25th Amendment as to soundness of mind.

Former FBI leaders Brennan and Clapper said to Wolf Blitzer, that if Trump fires Sessions and demands Rosenstein fire Mueller, to end the Russian ties investigation of him and his family, then there must be a political revolt to take down Trump.

That is the fourth shoe to hit the national pavement in this 24-hour period.


Are there others besides McCain in the Republican Party who have a conscience and who will put our nation and our people, all our people, ahead of their singular party loyalty?

 Ellen Lubic