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“People’s Summit” Bans ICWP and Red Flag - Attendees Welcome Them

I approached the People’s Summit on June 8 wearing a red shirt of the International Communist Workers’ Party (ICWP). Right away a woman came directly to me. She identified herself only as “from the coalition” but acted like head of security.

She told several people that they could not distribute the ICWP newspaper Red Flag on the sidewalk outside the conference. I went onto the Trade Tech campus to complete my conference registration, leaving others to answer her ridiculous assertion.

She followed me as I showed my vax card to another organizer. She said that the Red Flag publication was banned from the conference because ICWP was not a coalition member and had not signed off on all the “points of agreement.” And that she had a right to search my bags! Upset and outraged, I used some language I regret.

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She tailed me as I walked to the far end of campus to use a restroom. As I was leaving, she and another tried to “escort” me away. When that didn’t work, she followed me outside and again claimed the right to prohibit me from distributing papers on the public sidewalk. At my suggestion, she found an ACLU member who confirmed that she had no such right.

Meanwhile, another person tried to enter the campus who had previously been with the Red Flag distributors. He had no papers with him, having been assured that if left his papers in the car he could go inside. Now the woman announced that nobody from our group could attend!

I regret not having heard friends speak but enjoyed distributing Red Flag and conversing about communism with many on the sidewalk. Over 600 conference attendees took ICWP literature and appreciated our presence. I do hope that this woman’s exclusionary policy does not reflect the views of all the conference sponsoring organizations, of which I belong to two.