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Donald Trump (or "Trumputin" as I call him, due to his overly-close association with the Russian dictator) is German through and through. His family name was "Drumpf", Anglicized to "Trump" by his grandfather. Friedrich Drumpf was born in Germany, emigrated to the U.S. in the late 19th Century, and made a fortune running hotels/brothels in Seattle and the Klondike during the Gold Rush. He then took his stash of cash back to Germany, found a bride there, and fled back to the U.S. when the Kaiser tried to draft him into the German Army, settling in Queens.

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Trumputin: Fascist in Training—Ted Vaill

His son, Fred Trump, used the family fortune to buy real estate in Queens, married a Scottish immigrant, and brought his son Donald into the family business in 1968, after he graduated from Wharton. Faced with the draft during the Vietnam War, he suddenly developed bone spurs in both heels, which disappeared two years later when he got a high number in the draft. Blond haired, fair skinned, blue eyed, The Donald was the perfect Aryan….

The Rise of Adolf Hitler

Faced with the draft during the Vietnam War, Trump suddenly developed bone spurs in both heels, which disappeared two years later when he got a high number in the draft. Blond haired, fair skinned, blue eyed, The Donald was the perfect Aryan….

Born in Austria in 1889, Adolf Schicklgruber (later "Hitler") grew up poor near the border with Germany and was a failed artist before he distinguished himself in World War I, earning an Iron Cross. In 1919, he joined the National Socialist German Workers' Party, commonly known as the Nazis. It was a fringe party, advocating extreme nationalism, Pan-Germanism and virulent anti-Semitism. Throughout the 1920s he rose to power within the Nazi Party, which became the largest party in the parliament, the Reichstag, by the early 1930s.

Hitler had sharpened his speaking ability over the years, and by 1933 his lethal combination of political acuity, deceptiveness and cunning converted the Nazi Party into an effective governing power in the ailing Weimar Republic of the Depression-era early 1930s. The Nazi Party lost 35 seats in the November, 1932 election, but retained 196 seats (33.09%), to the Social Democrats 121 seats (20.43%) and the Communists (KPD) 100 seats (16.86%).

On January 30, 1933, war hero and long time President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor as part of a coalition between the Nazis and the Nationalist-Conservatives. Immediately thereafter, the Nazi Party's two Secret Police arms, the Sturmabteilung (the SA, or "Brown Shirts"), and the Schutzstaffel (the SS, originally a bodyguard unit for Hitler), led torchlight parades all over Berlin, celebrating Hitler's rise to power.

On February 1, 1933, the Reichstag was dissolved, and the next day, Hitler met with top German military leaders, and described his plans to rearm Germany. On February 17, the Prussian Interior Ministry authorized the shooting of "enemies of the State" under the direction of Hermann Goering. On February 27, the Reichstag fire occurred, which was set by the Nazis but blamed on the Communists. The next day, Hitler was awarded emergency powers under a presidential decree, "Law for the Protection of People and State", which suspended civil liberties and led to the forcing of all opposition parties to shut down over the next five months.

On March 5, 1933, general elections gave Hitler's coalition a slim majority, albeit not a majority for the Nazi Party. On March 22, the Dachau concentration camp opened, and began receiving political prisoners. On March 24, the Enabling Act, passed with the help of the Catholic Center Party, handed the legislative powers of the Reichstag over to Hitler, permitting him and his cabinet to issue laws without the vote of the legislature and to deviate from the Constitution for a four year period.

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On April 1, 1933 there was a one day boycott of Jewish shops in Germany, and on April 26, Hermann Goering formed the Gestapo (Secret State Police). On May 2, the day after the SA stormed trade union offices, all trade unions were banned in Germany. On May 10, a large number of Nazi book burnings took place in Germany. On July 14, Hitler proclaimed the Nazi Party "the only political party in Germany", banning all others. On October 14, Germany formally withdrew from the League of Nations, and on November 12, Reichstag elections gave the Nazis 95.2% of the vote. On November 30, the Gestapo was given authority throughout Germany, and not just in Prussia. During this time, Hitler revealed to his close associates his plan to annex Western Poland and create a ring of puppet states around Germany.

On April 20, 1934, the Gestapo was transferred from Goering to Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich, who began to consolidate it with the SS. On May 16, the top officers of the German Army and Navy endorsed Hitler to succeed the ailing President Hindenburg. From June 30 to July 2 the "Night of the Long Knives" purge occurred, and the top leaders of the SA were executed and the SS supplanted the SA as the main Secret Police. On July 13, Hitler defended the purge, declaring that in order to defend Germany, he had the right to act unilaterally as "supreme judge" without resort to the courts.

On August 2, 1934, President Hindenburg died; the previous day, Hitler's cabinet had enacted the "Law Concerning the Highest State Office of the Reich", which stated that upon Hindenburg"s death the office of President would be abolished and its powers combined with those of the Chancellor. On August 19, 90% of the German people voted to approve the combination, and Hitler assumed the new role of Fuhrer und Reichskanzler. His ascent to complete power was accomplished…

Fuhrer-in-Training Trumputin Assumes the Throne

In the weeks after Trumputin's coronation, he has moved swiftly to consolidate his power, adopting a "shock-and-awe" strategy crafted by his deputy Fuhrer, Steve Bannon, who has known neo-Nazi ties. He has called judges who crossed him "so-called judges", and bullied Members of Congress who don't agree with his strong-arm tactics by belittling them. He searches for a weakness, and tweets his insults out in a "twitter-storm". His cabinet appointments are the worst they could be, with Trumputin often appointing people who want to destroy the departments they have been nominated to head, or who are clearly unqualified for their jobs.

His neo-Nazi henchmen have drafted, for him to sign, a number of Executive Orders that are vastly over-reaching, such as the seven country ban of all persons seeking to enter the U.S. from those countries for a 90 day period. He refuses to divest his business interests, and has already violated the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution repeatedly. He has clumsily insulted a number of our long time allies, and is proceeding to build his $20 plus billion dollar wall along the Mexican border which will do little to resolve the illegal immigrant problem. He has started having his version of the SS (ICE) fan out across California and the Western states to round up and deport undocumenteds.

I have set forth the key events in the rise to power of Hitler, so that the reader can compare what Trumputin does as he tries to consolidate his own power, and how it compares to what Hitler did. Trumputin's first wife Ivana stated during their divorce proceedings in the early 1990s that Trumputin had a book of Hitler's speeches on the nightstand beside his bed. Even then, he was preparing to assume the role of Hitler in the country of his birth. He cannot escape his Germanic roots.

What will Trumputin do to create his own American "Reichstag fire", which he will use as a pretext to curtail our civil rights and start him on a path to absolute power?

ted vaill

Ted Vaill