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Putting Progressives on the Democratic National Committee

When anti-war activists on the California Democratic Party Executive Board gather near San Francisco this weekend their swing block votes, representing roughly a third of the board, could elect strong progressives to the Democratic National Committee (DNC).


Up for grabs are 19 seats for the California Delegation in 2012, when the next Presidential nominee will be chosen. In the running are dozens of candidates, some incumbents of 15 years, others leaders in the party's Progressive Caucus.

Christine Pelosi, an incumbent DNC candidate and daughter of the current House Speaker, should be prepared to answer an important question on the minds of anti-war activists: Are you prepared to amend the DNC platform to call for de-funding the US occupation of Iraq? At the last California Democratic Party convention, Pelosi, as head of the Platform Committee, agreed to amend the state platform to include the de-funding language. Whether she is prepared to pledge to amend the national platform is another story, particularly on the eve of a massive 170-billion (and climbing) Iraq supplemental, which is expected to hit the House floor under mother Nancy Pelosi's leadership next week.

In anticipation of the DNC election, California activists organized The Progressive E-Board Coalition and invited DNC candidates to complete a probing questionnaire on issues such as war and peace, single-payer health care, the death penalty, impeachment and poverty elimination. Questions such as -- Have you ever worked on an insurgent political campaign? And--How have you challenged the House leadership's support for the war? are answered at California activists are encouraged to visit the site and offer feedback on the candidates. Because the California Democratic Party does not release the email contact information for DNC candidates, the Progressive E-Board Coalition was only able to contact some of the candidates.

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