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Republicans are Cowards


I have concluded that Republicans are, by their very nature, cowards. Let us look at the evidence.

First, instead of fighting a war that we really should have been fighting (like addressing real issues about who we are in the world community), we went to a trumped up war based upon lies and innuendo in Iraq. Instead of facing up to the fact that we have to deal with the Muslim nation of Pakistan (who we need as an ally), they are still holding on to the allegation that the war against terror (nationalism) is in Iraq.

While Afghanistan is shipping more opium to the United States than any other so-called free country, Republicans refuse to address the drug trafficking corruption in the Afghani puppet government. Women in Afghanistan do not enjoy the so-called benefits of the removal of the Taliban that still rules the country outside of the capitol.

Second, instead of paying for this war by raising enough money either in war bonds or by raising taxes, Republicans violated every tenant of conservative spending rules by deficit spending their coward’s way into a seven trillion dollar debt that is crushing America’s standing in the world banking community.

They refuse to address how our economy is being destroyed by an economic policy that has China holding our debt.

They want to drill for oil and use all the reserves that we have to permit a short-term solution to a long-term problem. If we drilled and used all our supplies in the United States, it would be gone in 60 years.Well done, Republicans. I am sure Teddy Roosevelt would be proud.

Republicans are not only cowards because they refuse to ask Americans to suffer like the troops suffer by slowing down to 55 mph, which would cut gas consumption by 28% or pay for the so-called war on terror by raising taxes or by buying war bonds, but also because they have no other way to attack the opposition except for ad hominem statements aimed at the person not the issue.

In order to avoid dealing with issues, Republicans are great at name-calling, innuendo, and xenophobia. Finally, when in doubt they will accuse anybody who opposes them as not being patriotic.

Patriotism, as Thomas Paine pointed out, is the last refuge of scoundrels.

In the last week, the lead coward, John McCain, ran an ad calling out Senator Obama for his “failure to visit soldiers in a hospital in Germany.” Of course, there was no mention that Obama and his fellow U.S. Senators went to hospitals in Afghanistan and Iraq. There were no pictures or news coverage of these visits as the media was rightfully excluded.

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Nevertheless, the coward McCain attacks Obama by saying that he did not go to the hospital in Germany because the military does not allow cameras in hospitals. He is not only a coward - but also a liar. His lies are the worst; they are the lies of omission. His failure to mention the visits to troop hospitals in Afghanistan and Iraq by the three Senators who were on the tour is the most cowardly type of campaign drivel. American voters do not deserve it.

I have no love for Republicans. I have made that clear since Prop 187 was foisted on California by Petey Wilson.

Here is the question of the day: How is it possible for anyone to vote for an individual who cannot figure out that he should be better than what he is now putting his name on?

Steve Ybarra

McCain is a disappointment to me because the man used to be the better example of what a man of honor should be. He fought the crazies inside the Republican Party. He held the line against the Christo-fascists who use death and destruction to assure that all believe like them.

Now all of that seems to be gone. McCain has joined the cowards list. He does not deserve the title President of the United States.

by Steven Ybarra

Steven J. Ybarra JD is a retired civil rights attorney who operates a consultant company in California.He is a member of the Democratic National Committee and a long time political activist. Contact Steven at

Republished with permission.

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