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Welcome to Connect the Dots. I’m your host Lila Garrett and as the parade of horrors continues with the Trump administration, it’s tempted to move to Iceland. I'm thinking about it…

Women Are Marching

But first I want to express my admiration for you my listeners, and your colleagues. The level of protest has been beyond heartening. It’s been an education. There has not been an outstanding incident of violence since the inauguration and that is something of a miracle. You can be sure it’s not because of the Trump people. It’s because of us. The singleness of purpose, the determination to maintain our democracy, the righteous indignation…yes, righteous…the steely conviction of the millions of protesters who continue to stand against the grotesque Trump agenda is not just reassuring. It’s a thing of beauty.

Now what we must work against, aside from this draconian administration itself, is resisting our own battle fatigue. People get worn out…at least good people do. Bad people never seem to. Have you noticed that? “Bad” is a simplistic word…but there’s no other way to describe them.

The sadistic man-child Donald Trump is relatively new to this group. But we’ve been stuck with the Koch Brothers errand boy, Mitch McConnell, for what feels like centuries. Now he’s President of the Senate because the Republicans have the majority. When they’re the minority, he’s still their leader, and throughout his endless years of service he has worn his miserable character on his remarkably ugly face.

Socrates or Plato or one of those wise men said, after the age of 40 a man looks like who he is. Mitch McConnell is a perfect example of that.

Socrates or Plato or one of those wise men said, after the age of 40 a man looks like who he is. Mitch McConnell is a perfect example of that. But the real poster boy for this phenomenon is Steve Bannon. Bannon wallows so in hate and causing pain it hurts to look at him. His menacing face is almost biblical…or at least Shakespearean. Iago who talked Othello into killing his wife is Mary Poppins compared to Bannon. With him whispering endlessly in Trump's ear, we can expect nothing from this administration but a pyramid of disasters for the next 4 to 8 years.

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It’s that bad out there. Add to this the remarkable ineffectiveness of most of the Congress and Senate, and what have you got? Us, or if you insist, “we” the people. The protesters, particularly the youth who have been awakened by the sudden realization that what’s at stake here is the survival of the planet. Or not. We’ve been taught the human animal has only two instincts…self preservation and preservation of the race. Both are up for grabs…so there’s no time to grow weary of the never ending fight against the infidels, if you’ll pardon the expression. We cannot brush aside the grownups who are still playing cops and robbers. Not when the cops are criminals and the guns are real.

Ah, how Trump loves guns. When he made a pitch for his right wing Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, seated cozily next to Trump was Wayne LaPeer, Exec Vice President of the National Rifle Association. Did you notice that? Beaming because he was the buddy of the POTUS, LaPeer smiled smugly, proud no doubt of the thousands of deaths that he and his group are responsible for. Trump was comfortable too. They seemed the perfect couple.

Is it possible that Trump is forever challenging us by his outrageous choices, or is he just mocking us? He’s meticulous about picking people who are direct enemies of the departments they’re slated to head…For attorney general Jeff Sessions who believe in justice for white Christians. Everyone else beware; for the EPA, Pruitt. who doesn't believe in the EPA; for Labor Andrew Puzder who doesn't believe in the minimum wage; for education Betsy deVos, who opposes public education. The list goes on. For the most part in confirming these outrageous choices it’s astonishing how many Democrats wimp out.

Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon, was confirmed for Secretary of State by a 43 to 56 vote. Since there are 46 Dems (including two independents) and 54 Republicans in the Senate, that’s got to mean three Dems voted for Tillerson. During week two of his tenure Trump managed to keep hundreds of immigrants, mostly children and women, seeking safety from terrorists in their country from finding safety here. He found time to threaten Iran, insult the President of Australia, threaten to send troops into Mexico if they don't pay for the wall (he’s said he was kidding but Mexico isn’t laughing), nominate mega right wing Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, recommend to repulsive Mitch McConnell that he use the nuclear option to get Gorsuch approved. (The nuclear option suspends filibuster and the 60 majority vote…so if the nuclear option is used Scalia’s clone Gorsuch needs only a 51 majority to be seated.) Move over you eight old judges…a 42-year-old monster is about to grab the swing vote. .

And once the pasty faced fanatic who opposes the separation-of-church-and-state Neil Gorsuch is seated that just about closes the door on any possible Trump impeachment. Republicans have all of it…the White House, the Congress, the Senate the Supreme Ct.

But we have the big one. The people. Let's close ranks. Let’s get specific. Let’s begin new groups no matter how small, or join existing ones that are known for their knowledge and action. Let’s do it all. Last week we covered ADA (Americans for Democratic Action), PDA (Progressive Democrats of America) and Roots all opposed by Trump & Co. But luckily they’re supported by we the people. There are a lot more of us than there are of them.

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Lila Garrett
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