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Sabotage of Democracy

January, the month of making new resolutions, is named after the Greek Janus, the God of two faces, back to back, the God of doorways, always looking both ways, torn between two ways of doing things, looking forward to the New Year and looking back to the old. Janus sees the past and resolves to make a better future.

The American people are very much like the children of a mafia boss, who don't want to know what their father does for a living, and then wonder why the firebombs of injustice are being thrown through the windows of Congress and their living rooms. 

We now have witnessed a clearly exposed and deposed mafia President, who has long acted as a CIA cutout, a CIA proprietary, laundering the illicit drug money of Pentagon and NSA black budget operations through his hotels around the world.

The Trump January 6 siege staged by the corrupt and the secret power elite of corporate and government insiders is the last iteration in the bold attempt at creating a fascistic totalitarian society, and the new Biden administration has done nothing to bring justice.

The attacks on the House of Congress by a bunch of ignorant hillbillies orchestrated by the despicable elites, should rightly be considered as an attack on the House owned and operated by the House of Big Oil, the House of the Petro-dollar, the House of Big War and the Pentagon, the House of Wall Street Banksters, the House of Big Pharma, the House of Big Fiat Finance and the Federal Reserve, the House of Silicon Valley Big Tech, the House of Big Health Care Finance, and the House of the food poisoning of Big Agriculture. 

The siege upon the House of Congress by Trump hooligans stands in irony and sharp contrast to the siege upon a government we the people must incite, against a bribed electorate that refuses to do what the vast majority of people want. 

The siege upon the House of Congress by Trump hooligans stands in irony and sharp contrast to the siege upon a government we the people must incite, against a bribed electorate that refuses to do what the vast majority of people want. 

What a primitive underbelly we have in this supposed democratic country. Americans have been living behind the mask of their country's "good intentions" for so long that their faces have grown into their Covid masks, the masks of fear, delusion, indifference and inaction.

Looking to the past, the God Janus could plainly see that the domestic political fantasy life of the last twenty years, finds us in an unnerving time loop of our own dillusive making in this country. 

History is running in reverse, and knowledge is not seen as a public good, but as something suspect, dubious or even ungodly, as it was for example in Italy in 1633, when the church put Galileo on trial for his heretical view that the earth was in orbit around the sun.

The past years have produced a prison house of the mind, insidiously endeavoring to promote a fleeting fraudulent terrorist phantom and the darkness of ego. It has produced a degradation of the rational thinking mind, all in fear of what it knows, or what it might learn. 

Our society, through the palliatives of shallow entertainment and the hate propagated media grid of six oligarch corporations, has mentally transported the rank and file of Americans back into the primitive darkness of tribal war and shrieking, far from the tolerance that came with American religious freedom and the liberty of our conscience.

Our civil discourse has morphed into a "civil disguise," something akin to, "I have a great future behind me." 

People have been restored to passive apathy, while the intellectual language of righteous empire and resource acquisition cravenly and amorally moves on. 

Life becomes a constant paradox and the best illusion wins, because we have been taught a lesson-less past of no enduring ideals, while everywhere we look today we see the price of our easy indifference; the horrors of unchecked power.

Our supposed representatives of "we the people," in closed Congressional hearings continue to overwhelmingly vote on a bipartisan basis to approve the annual Defense budgets. 

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The House of Representatives eagerly voted to approve the $738 billion legislation and the next day the Senate voted to approve the bill even adding billions more to the Pentagon and CIA unaudited killing coffers. bringing the total amount to $1.4 trillion. 

We must remember that a majority of Democrats caved on funding Obama Care, agreeing with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, deciding against the individual mandate in Obama Care. The gutless Democrats along with the Republicans repealed the medical device and health insurance taxes that were helpful in funding Obama Care to more than 20 million Americans.

Then they added another $22 billion in direct military aid to the Pentagon war budget, and in return got a feeble paid family leave agreement, but no maternity leave.

 They cut Medicaid funds to Puerto Rico from $12 billion to $5.7 billion, and drastically cut aid for the Palestinian people.

Now we await the gutless Democratic majority in both houses to pass the Build Back America bill as they refuse to override the Congressional Parliamentarian as the Republicans have done routinely in the past.

This is unconscionable. We expect this from the debauched Republicans not the Democrats.

All this was done by our Pentagon puppets, the sickly pimps of the world’s evil killing leviathan. They are vaporous fools, sly intriguers, with pretentious affectations, long lacking in Constitutional ideals, while the gullible, unknowing public is focused on the guise of the political burlesque.

The only members of Congress who vote against The Pentagon’s annual unaudited trillion dollar budgets are for the most part are many of the conscientious members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Like Genghis Khan, the arrogant and powerful corrupt property class have cravenly spread their banquet cloths of tax cuts and supply side economics, financial fraud and debt servitude upon mankind, and feasted boldly and loudly above the protests of the masses, with impunity.

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution specifically states that no armies during times of peace are allowed to rule over other countries, and that Congress must approve any and all funds used by the military, and those funds are limited to two years.

With the latest Congressional approval of the $738 billion defense budget, it is plain that our "purchased" representatives are operating in total disregard of our Constitution, and in abdication of checks on the executive branch.

But, the day of liberation is upon us. The onrush of millions of liberated minds and feet around the world is here, Covid be damned! 

Never, has the siege for freedom succeeded without the aid of the besieged. There will be no mercy for the oppressors, the banksters, the one percent, the complacent Congress, the immoral and bribed despoilers of the rights of "we the people."

"We the people," will stand as Socrates stood, like a marching, enlightened pillar of light in the black desert of history. 


Those pillars of light and right are going to be made successful by the resolution of millions of our dusty hands, all from a shared long lineage, born and strewn of the sucking muck, slime, and the brazen bribes of banker occupation, from which all humanity will soon no longer struggle, and be made free.

Our Democracy will be reclaimed by the righteous good conscience of the besieged as we take to the streets to reclaim what is ours.

The People’s Party awaits.

T. D. Duff