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Yes, Virginia and all the other 49 States of the Union, there is a Sanity Clause. As a matter of fact some clauses that are most important to all Americans are in great danger of being lost. Those sanity clauses are cited in our U.S. Constitution.

john boehner

The first Sanity Clause is in the First Amendment: "Freedom of religion, speech, and the press; rights of assembly and petition."

Another Sanity Clause is our right to vote when a citizen is naturally born in the United States and has attained the age of 18 years. (GOP backwoods candidate, Gov. Rick Perry, believes the U.S. voting age is still 21. How was he supposed to know about the voting age change on July 1, 1971? That was over 40 years ago.)

Of course another part of the real Sanity Clause is the occupation of the Occupy movement that has occupied a good part of the U.S. and world media. It has to do with free speech.

The Sanity Clause Lyrics:

The obstructionist GOP had better watch out

Speaker John Boehner better not cry
Better not shout 'Hell No' and pout
President Obama has finally maybe said why
A Sanity Clause or a few is coming to town

The peaceful Occupy bunch is making a list
And a General Assembly is checking it twice
Showing Wall St. banks are naughty, not nice
So be good and stop 1% crime for goodness sakes

Free speech and the right to vote are two of the most important and fundamental rights in our U.S. Constitution. Now that our precious vote or free speech is fraudulently being withheld from us American citizens by the lascivious, immoral and anti-Constitutional Republicans, middle class and former middle class, along with the poor Americans are finally awakening and organizing.

Not even Mayor Bloomberg's mighty army, nor Dick Armey, nor the greed ridden Republican Party, (also known as: Rule by Extortion Party) nor their Corporate sponsors, can stop the American citizens from uniting and bringing back our freedom of speech and our right to vote.

During the W. Bush smashing of our nation, that criminal administration created Free Speech zones, provided that the Free Speech area was far enough away from the bussed in GOP audience or pro Republican speaker, so they could continue to exaggerate, lie and misrepresent to their heart's content with no irritating or unsolicited interruptions to mar the partisan rabble rooster roster.

The GOP partisans and their corporate masters and cooperating corporations, have bought up the media for the past 30 or more years so the Right can control all forms of current broadcast news. The voting public is still exposed to over 90% of AM right-wing biased news reporting.

As an example, Clear Channel Corporation owns more than 999 AM radio and FM channels, making 9-9-9 popular for a couple of months. They announced a short time ago, that they were changing the format in liberal San Francisco, taking Thom Hartman, heard by more than 3 million listeners each week day, off their airwaves, starting on the new election year. Being fair and balanced, they wanted to replace Hartman with Glen Beck. WHAT? Clear Channel changed their mind when they received a tremendous outcry from their Hartman fans.

The 14 GOP Governors, in lockstep and committing fraud, shouting they want to prevent fraud of maybe a few hundred fraudulent voters across the nation, by eliminating 5 million, poor, young, elderly, minority voters, requiring a poll tax, to have ID's, Birth Certificate or driver's license.

"I've been voting since 1948. I don't drive and my birth certificate burned up in a house fire."

Boehner: "Tough."

The insanity of privatized GOP voting machines and data processing equipment:

"You mean to tell me the Secretary of State, in charge of voting in our state is the Campaign Manager for George W. Bush? That's a colossal conflict of interest!"

"No it's not. Every thing we do is right out in the open. You don't think we'd be crazy enough to rig an election, do you?"

"But since you have propriety software and only your Diebold service men to replace the software for recounts, and a Democrat never wins." "Oh, that's a bunch of B S. You can't prove that!"

Of course we can recognize being a Republican today, you are required to have the loss of sanity, loss of the 'vision thing' problem and no humanity. Instead of humanity, you got Hannity. Nothing about helping our nation's future, or our children, everything about privatizing the country and getting hold of any money that might be sitting in' oh say, the Social Security Trust Fund.

Boehner: "Let's use that money to get the best CEO's and dividends for our stockholders. No sense in all that money just sitting there:"

"But that's my money! I've been paying out for over 50 years! The money is supposed to be there for me."

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Boehner's answer: "So be it. All that money is just sitting there, waiting for us to use it."

The next GOP lack of sanity, humanity or 'vision thing': Corporations are Persons.

"Are you a corporation?"

"Yes, I happen to be one, but it's only for personal protection so I can't be sued. Actually, I'm the CEO of a major petroleum corporation."

"Are you or your corporation paying taxes?"

"Well, I paid a whopping 3% of earnings last year."

"And the oil corporation?"

"Of course, we didn't pay any taxes."

"Why not? Your oil company had record profits!"

"Don't you know man, we make the world run. We're entitled to the rebates we get from the government."

"You mean your oil corporation pays no taxes and you get money back from our government?"

"Certainly! We're the job creators of the world."

"No way! You guys are the job terminators of the world and of our planet!"

The insanity of a zygote being a natural born person:

"Are you kidding? You believe a zygote is a human person? What about becoming a U.S. Citizen at birth?"

"No, it's now at the time of conception."

WHAT? "Are you saying we now need a Conception Certificate for citizenship?"

"No, I'm just saying that's what God wanted and that way we can get rid of the illegal Anchor Babies."

WHAT? "How in the world can you determine the time and date of conception?"


Jerry Drucker

Yes there is a Sanity Clause in our Constitution and our 27 Amendments. We need to have our Constitution occupy our thoughts as we occupy our nation.

Jerry Drucker

Valley Dems United, Margie Murray, Editor