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Sarah Palin Scheduled to be on Oprah

According to a post on Huff Po, Sarah Palin will be interviewed on the Oprah Show about her new book, "Going Rogue: An American Life". The show is to be released on Nov. 17th. After stumbling upon this announcement, I debated as to whether this was newsworthy enough to be mentioned in the LA Progressive.


Apparently, you are reading this because I thought it was newsworthy. But the bigger question is what makes Oprah's interview of Palin worth mentioning here on the LA Progressive?.

The LA Progressive is an e-zine by progessives, for progressives, about progressive issues. So why does Sarah Palin deserve any attention? Well, according to our analytics, when an article is published about Palin, it gets an inordinate amount of clicks. Perhaps progressives click because they want to keep track of what the ex-governor of Alaska is up to especially since she got uncomfortably close to being the second in command.

Here, at the LA Progressive, we don't know what drives Palin's popularity. We could come up with a dozen speculative reasons and we did in this article, written about a year ago. Click here.

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In a piece entitled, “Desperately Searching for Sarah,” NBC National Journal Reporter Carrie Dann asserts that web searches say something about what we really want to know. NBC News uses an online research company, Hitwise, to compile and analyze what people are searching for on the web. According to Dann, “Palin” searches caused web traffic to spike to almost 30 times that of any other candidate by the date of Palin’s convention speech.

Dann says volume fell almost as quickly as it rose but added that searches containing the keywords “Sarah Palin legs”, “Sarah Palin Vogue”, and “Sarah Palin sexy photos” have outranked searches for legitimate policy positions. During the presidential campaign, Dann claimed that NBC believed that what people search for says a lot about how the campaigns are making their message stick. I don’t know what the Palin searches say about the message the McCain campaign is sent but it seems to say something about how a large percentage of men are thinking.

We could speculate Palin's popularity but in the end, we aren't any closer to having an answer for it than we would have been had we not speculated. We just know that whenever we run a Palin piece, we get lots of traffic. So we'll keep you updated with what's going on with Palin as long as you keep clicking and as long as she is on the political landscape. Let's hope that the latter will run it's course in short order.