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One in Three Still Love Trump?

Jaime O'Neill: Who could read Trump's tweets and not find them dim or demented ? I even hear people saying he's "hard working" and "humble," forcing my brain to go on tilt.

[dc]"I[/dc]t takes all kinds."

still loving trump

That thought comes to mind every time I'm reminded that Donald Trump still has supporters. Way too many, in fact. How can so many of us maintain faith in this man?

More than one out of three Americans still approve of Trump. That confounds everything I've ever thought about the good judgment of my countrymen, and the fact that a whole lot of those people got upset at National Public Radio for broadcasting the Declaration of Independence on the day we celebrated the nation's independence is even more confounding. Not recognizing the words of that founding document, they took to social media to condemn NPR for its "subversion." So much for all those "freedom-loving" flag wavers who fell for that simple-minded ad slogan about making America great again, promulgated by such an obvious con artist.

It would be alarming if even one in ten Americans still approved of Trump, but it gives me the heebie-jeebies to learn that every third person I might see believes his avalanche of lies, supports his agenda, considers him sane, and sees him as a role model for our young. It's scary, like having Anthony Perkins in old lady drag pulling back the curtain when you're in the shower.

Who could read Trump's tweets and not find them dim or demented ? I even hear people saying he's "hard working" and "humble," forcing my brain to go on tilt.

Who could read Trump's tweets and not find them dim or demented ? I even hear people saying he's "hard working" and "humble," forcing my brain to go on tilt.

He meets with a couple of Russians in the Oval Office, laughing and talking about how he dumped the FBI director who was investigating Russian interference in our elections, calls the fired Director Comey a "nut job," and brags to those Russkies how the firing of the man leading the investigation diminished the pressure on him. He does all this while allowing Russian media to attend that little White House confab, but barring all American journalists from being there.

And still, after more than six months of gaffes, obvious lies, mean-spirited divisiveness, assaults on the press, the Constitution, our allies, and our sanity, more than one out of three of us still trust him, believe him, and think, apparently, that he's well launched on his campaign to make us great again.

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Sure, we had Fox "News" distorting the news, lying to us for a couple decades, furthering the notion that truth was malleable, fungible, and optional whenever truth seemed inconvenient, when it didn't fit with a personal preference or agenda.

And sure, we had a huge right wing chorus of naysayers, an ugly horde of reactionary radio blabbermouths from Limbaugh to Lars Larson to Laura Ingraham, telling fractured fairytales to an avid audience of angry Anglos and wrathful WASPs, stuck in traffic with engines overheating, bladders overfilled, and tempers rising with the heat of the highway, all because of liberals, women, blacks, Mexicans, or Muslims, from "Obummer" on down.

It takes all kinds, of course, but how did we get so many people who had never been bullied by a cretin pulling them in with a grab-and-pull "power" handshake and thus knew, literally first-hand, how obnoxious people who do that are?

It takes all kinds, but who still thinks it's cool or Christian or patriotic to mock disabled people, or brag about groping women they don't know, or how "smart" they are for not paying taxes? Who thinks muddled incoherence is an admirable trait in a leader, or nepotism, or profiteering from holding the office of the president? What kind of person thinks that undermining our faith in the nation's intelligence agencies, our news media, or our closest neighbors is a good thing? Who shares Trump's love of Putin and thinks the Russians have our best interests at heart?

What kind of functional human being can be ok with cutting tens of millions of fellow human beings off of health insurance coverage? What kind of American is ok with selling off our national parks? What's wrong with people who think cutting off poor people's heating oil subsidies is ok even while the government gives billions in subsidies to oil companies who are earning well over a hundred billion a year in profits?

"Stupid" is one kind of human being, I know, and "ignorant" is another, but how stupid and/or ignorant must people be to support a man so thin-skinned, so emotionally unbalanced, so petty. How can they stand with a guy willing to raise the retirement age, to shred the safety net, to cut so many programs they themselves so often need for their very survival?

It may take all kinds, but I still don't believe so many of us are this callous, this gullible, this stupid.

jaime oneill

So, yeah, I know it takes all kinds, but this is ridiculous.

Jaime O'Neill