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CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonves has just received a $69 million per annum pay package.

street protests

Meanwhile, in just the last three Years, the richest 5% in America gained an average of $800,000 while the poorest 50% LOST wealth. The wealth owned by 90% of us in the 1980s has been redistributed to the richest .1%. So nearly 15 percent of our nation’s total household wealth – $14 trillion! – has been transferred from middle-class America to people with an average net worth of $75 million.

Their research shows that protest does not work because big crowds send a signal to policymakers—rather, it’s because protests get people politically activated.”

Will Americans ever take to the streets? The French do: Do these protests matter? “A clever analysis by economists from Harvard University and Stockholm University finds that protests do in fact have a major influence on politics, just not in the way you might think. Their research shows that protest does not work because big crowds send a signal to policymakers—rather, it’s because protests get people politically activated.” Economic protests have changed history – even ours. And today, we have had more and more marches in the streets, although for social and political causes, not economic equality reasons. Marches against guns, for women’s rights, against climate change, against the Trump administration.

Many argue that the most important issue facing America is Citizens United, arguing that until this political rule is changed, nothing else can change. But petitions with two million signatures were turned into the United States Congress in 2012, and there has been no change. So what else can be done?

A true revolution can change things. Here’s one simple idea. Many of the major corporations in the United States are incorporated in Delaware, and the Democratic party controls the major offices and the legislature in Delaware. Why doesn’t Delaware simply change its corporate laws to

  • prevent corporations from spending their income to influence the political process and
  • provide that attempting to move a corporation to another jurisdiction would result in forfeiting the corporation to the state?
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Just set up roadblocks to using Delaware corporations for political purposes. Corporations are creatures of state law.

March in the streets, people of Delaware. You can change the United States for the better.

Wall Street lives and breathes in New York City. It is subject to New York law. New York is supposedly a Democratic state. Take to the streets, New Yorkers. Make Wall Street more democratic and less capitalistic.

Are Americans protesting? Maybe they are.

“We don’t know yet whether President Donald Trump will drive more people to the polls in 2018, but it’s clear he’s driving them to protests. According to a new poll conducted by the Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation and released Friday, one in five Americans have protested in the streets or participated in a political rally since the start of 2016; and of those, 19 percent had never done so before.”

The French learned a long time ago that its capitalistic economy was subject to a revolutionary political system, when the people rose up in arms. If America is “exceptional,” why haven’t we learned that lesson? We did seem to learn it in the days of the Vietnam War. Maybe – just maybe – there’s a chance the lesson will finally stick.

michael hertz

Michael T. Hertz