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The Tea Party’s reckless government shutdown game is causing their al-Qaida brethren terrorists to jump with joy, rubbing their hands together in anticipation of the huge damage the GOP is inflicting on our nation with no weapons of war, just by using right-wing ideology and media propaganda.


Of course, both the GOP and Al-Qaida hate our government, but Al-Qaida couldn’t totally bring down the entire United States with only 19 terrorists. So with 32 or so, obstructionist domestic terrorists and one hapless Speaker, the Teapublican Right will smash our country into bits, causing us to no longer being the leader of the World. Those deadbeat Republicans will make the U.S. a deadbeat nation.

The Stock Market will crash, interest rates will skyrocket, millions of Americans will not receive U.S. checks, our U.S. Bonds will be downgraded, and the nation will sink into a depression, not a deeper recession, thanks to the Tea Pots.

So we now know the Republicans are crazy and hate our government. They don’t understand the U.S. Constitution, except for a couple of phrases taken out of context. We know now Republicans can’t govern. Supply side economics doesn’t work. When there is such observable inequality and the rich get too much richer just for 1% of the people, then government can be bought, as was the GOP House Members, giddy with their power, who have become the great destroyers.

There are still many who think the Tea Party is a grassroots body. It isn’t. The principal founder was Dick Armey, who was funded generously by the infamous Koch Brothers. What was their single-minded most important priority? Their main goal was bringing down the first African American President at all costs, even if they have to bring down the nation. After all, their real goal is to privatize the United States -- lock, stock, and barrel.

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The first overt shot fired in modern times expressing Republican hatred of our government was executed by their beloved icon, Ronald Reagan: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’” Reagan’s first act was to fire the air traffic controllers. Thus, the Republican war against the United States Government and Unions began.

GOP hatred of our government leaves the majority of American voters not seeming to recognize the Republican use of propaganda to control most of the media. It’s maddening that the media gives equivalency to both parties in Congress for the current GOP obstruction, when it should be clear that the disaster created by the Republicans has to be shared by both political parties.

Jerry Drucker

Our only hope now appears to be 2014 and an open election without the Extreme Supreme Court stepping in to bring down our beloved nation. Then we voters won’t have domestic terrorists like the Tea Party GOP and the United States can once again be the true leader of the world.

Jerry Drucker

Thursday, 10 October 2013