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The GOP Has Become A Bugs Bunny Cartoon

According to the loonie chorus on the right, we're all sons of bitches now.


When they’re not bashing Sonia Sotomayor for asking sharp questions from the bench – which would seem to be a pretty basic part of the job description for a judge – or wondering whether her taste in spicy food clouds her judicial judgment, they’ve started blaming Democrats for Cheney’s torture régime. Their argument runs something like this:

Because Democrats in Congress knew about torture and didn't object out loud even though doing so would violate federal law, it shouldn't be investigated now. Anyway, it wasn't illegal 'cause that noted legal scholar John Yoo said it was within the law if you ignore the word “torture” in the statute and international treaties the US signed.

Meanwhile, Alberto Gonzales is running around Washington yowling, "Torture? What torture? I was just White House counsel. I don’t know 'bout no stinkin' torture. Those memos were written to me? I thought they were drafts of law review articles. I just spell checked them."

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This is the same crowd that says Justice Benjamin Cardozo, who was actually Portuguese, was really the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice, not Sotomayor. Well, his name sounds Hispanic and it has that suspicious "ozo" combination at the end of his name so, to Karl Rove’s thinking, this means he must have been Mexican or something.


Life may imitate art but the Republican Party is starting to imitate a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Charley James
The Progressive Curmudgeon

LA Progressive