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The Democrats and their supporters in the ruling class—which includes the major corporations, most of the media, the intelligence services, and the military—are fighting Trump with a blunt instrument. However crucial democracy and the rule of law is for progressive social change, they will not take on the program of the Trumpists but merely resign themselves to demonstrate what most people already believe, that Trump was behind the January 6 insurrection

Even if he gets indicted, which is not for certain, gets convicted, which is not for certain, and the conviction is held up in the appellate courts, which is far from certain, they are merely tackling the symptom not the disease.

Trumpism is racist, it is white Christian nationalism, it is an American form of fascism and you can’t fight it with anything less than a mobilization of the population, something they are afraid to do. For example, AOC and several others from the “progressive“ caucus got themselves arrested but they did not call upon women from across the country to come join them.

At the eighth hearing broadcast on July 21st they spotlighted two Republicans, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. They chose a Democratic party Navy veteran to present the case using all Republican critics of Trump’s Insurrection as witnesses.

The anti-Trump Republicans are a tiny minority in their own party. Both Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger will not be in Congress the next term. Kinzinger has already decided to drop out and Cheney is running way behind her Trumpist opponent. That is how strong the Trumpists are.

Although they’ve recruited two Republicans to be on the Democratic January 6 committee, most Republicans are Trumpists. They have boycotted the committee: 147 of them voted that the election was stolen.

After November, the Trumpists will control the Supreme Court, Congress, and in two years the Presidency. They control over half the state legislatures and half of the state governors. Meanwhile the January 6 committee is in no hurry. After Thursday night, they adjourned until September. Then they’re going to have a continuing investigation and issue the final report at the end of December. Then Congress will change hands and the Republicans will take over. The January 6 committee has lost momentum and possibly control.

The Trump Republicans have succeeded in their attack on women with the Roe decision. It augurs other attacks. They will succeed in what Steve Bannon calls “rolling back the administrative state“, that is, rolling back the New Deal and the protections it offers like OSHA and the EPA.

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The situation facing Americans is bad and getting worse. Covid has not been stopped and the Democrats, with support of the Republicans, decided to do little about it.

The Democrats cannot reverse the decline in the economy, which only feeds the Trumpists.

The entire ruling class and their two political parties provoked and are escalating the war In Ukraine. They will pass the biggest military budget in the history of America.

The second existential threat besides the climate catastrophe, which they cannot halt, is the threat of nuclear war. It has been never higher than now. 

What is needed is a social democratic program which is popular and which the Democrats don’t want. They’ve already defeated Bernie Sanders, twice. 

Biden has not cancelled student debt. Medicare for all it’s not on the calendar. He appointed a person as the head of Social Security who would like to cut back benefits. Both parties have given up fighting Covid, which has killed over 1 million people. 

 We need to revive a peace movement that demands a cease-fire and a settlement in Ukraine. That’s a place to start. Or perhaps an upsurge will come in defending victims of the new anti-abortion laws. There is a bright spot with a new mobilizations of young people in places like the Amazon warehouse. Or Starbucks. Class struggle unionism is on the agenda.

The American working class has not been defeated. It will take a full-blown fascist victory to do that. This is our challenge and opportunity.