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Looks like I picked a fine day to quit discussing politics. Now I get it: He didn't WANT to be president in the first place, and didn't think the Russians and Midwestern gerrymandering could pull it off for him. He was as surprised as anyone, after saying everything he could to NOT get elected. He was in it only for the laughs and brand-building all along. Now that he's seen how this presidency thing cramps his lifestyle, he wants out, and can't do or say enough to expedite that.

trump birth certificate

45 Born in Borneo – Not US. Demand His Birth Certificate!—H. Scott Prosterman

45 wakes up every morning saying, "Lord of Bullion please let this be over - I just want to play golf and grab pussy." Best case: He might resign this week saying, "Now that I've accomplished my goals so quickly, I can resign with a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind." This would be a perfect time for Drumpf to declare victory and resign. If the strategy was good enough for Kissinger and Nixon to get the U.S. out of Viet Nam, it’s good enough to create a happy “win-win” to get Drumpf out of the White House. Let’s face it – it’s been an interesting ride thus far. and it’s time for a graceful exit strategy.

His supporters said over and over, “Give him a chance to govern.” OK, we tried that American Fascism thing for a couple of months and it’s not for us. Please give us back our democracy.

His supporters said over and over, “Give him a chance to govern.” OK, we tried that American Fascism thing for a couple of months and it’s not for us. Please give us back our democracy.

This irony is that Drumpf was never actually eligible to be president anyway, as he was not born on American soil; hence, the Twitteresque headline on this missive. And it’s true: I intend to argue this forcefully and I see it as my clear path to the White House.

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Senator Stuart Smalley (um . . . I mean . . . Al Franken), put the attorney general on the hot seat by asking what he would “do” if he learned about contacts between the Drumpf campaign and Russia. Jentleman Jeff was kind enough to not only answer the question, but to read Senator Franken’s mind and volunteer that, “I’ve been called a surrogate a time or two, but it wasn’t me . . .”

He’s so nice and polite, he makes you forget about his deeply racist history, as if it doesn’t matter anymore. Still, Drumpf got all mad when he learned that Jentleman Jeff recused himself from any investigation about ties between the Drumpf campaign and Russia. I have good people telling me that Drumpf said to him, “You were supposed to run interference for me on that one and you failed.”

Watching Goldfinger last night made me wonder what would happen if Drumpf ever tried to grab Pussy Galore. I don’t think he’s got the chops to hold his own in an erotic judo match, say inside a horse barn full of hay. Pussy Galore was a very talented and self-actualized woman for her time. I can see it now, “Wow, she’s hot; gimme some tic-tacs . . . . (WHAM, BAM, BIFF) WOAH BABE THAT’S NOT IN THE SCRIPT (FLIP, PUNCH, CRUNCH) game over!”

We thought the Civil War ended in Oxford, Missississip in 1962 when a journalist and US marshals were killed trying to protect James Meredith's right to enroll at Ole Miss. Not . . . so . . . fast. It looks like the Rebels just retreated for a long time and now they’re back, emboldened, empowered and enabled by the Drumpf campaign machine to come out and act out. But, after the resignation ceremony, they’ll have to crawl back into their caves and wait another 55 years for their big day in the sun.

[dc][/dc]ince November 8, 2016, people have been asking me, “How are you doing, Scott?” My reply: "HOW AM I DOING?" The Nazis are taking over the country. HOW SHOULD I BE?” In the Yiddish Language, the phrase, "How are you?" is considered a provocation for reasons that are now clear. Throughout history, this question has been posed under similar circumstances as today. That's also the origin of the commonly rude Jewish retort, "HOW SHOULD I BE?" So when you meet a Jewish Drumpf supporter, don’t forget to ask, “How you doing? How should you be?”

scott prosterman

H. Scott Prosterman