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Here are a few things I learned lately. I'm still trying to figure out if there's a pattern to these squibs of information, but it does seem like there might be way to connect the dots between the fact that American married men are having 19% less sex now than they did two decades ago. One in three Japanese men under age 49 say that work makes them too tired for intercourse. One thought that comes to mind is a study of rats I read about back when I was in college, a research project that showed that as rat populations increased, and as stress increased with the accompanying overcrowding, the rats lost interest in sex.

Trump Chickenhawk

The number of current U.S. Senators who served in the military is only one out of five. In 1975, four out of five Senators had served in the armed forces. Men who haven't seen war often seem far too casual about the consequences. In this context, I mention the mindless cheering of the bombing and the saber rattling we're now seeing from chickenhawks like our Commander-in-Chief who has only the vaguest idea of what carnage looks like, and what bombs do to focus resistance by those being bombed against the forces whose bombs have killed their friends and relatives.

Three even more dimwitted stooges—Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, and Kid Rock—walked into the Oval Office to visit Donald Trump. This is not the first line of a joke. Nor is it the least bit funny.

Trump marched around in a military-style uniform when he was in prep school (despite the bone spurs that got him deferred from real service) but he can't even keep track of where "his" armada" is, or what direction it is headed. For that matter, he couldn't even keep track of which country he'd hit with those Tomahawk missiles, telling the "Money Honey" business reporter, Maria Bartoromo, that it was Iraq, though it was, in fact, Syria. She corrected him, despite the fact that she'd never played soldier in prep school.

Business is good in the global arms market, with sales of weaponry up 44% in the past 12 years. I'm pretty sure that the only people who benefit from this are the arms dealers and manufacturers. The proliferation of those arms everywhere is surely not helping the people in the countries where they're being sold to the highest bidders. Lots of hungry people in those places, and military ordinance is the last thing they need.

My Congressman, Doug LaMalfa, faced angry constituents in Oroville and Redding recently. When he tried to push misinformation about the Affordable Care Act and global warming, he was greeted by a chorus of shouts. "Do you yell in church?" LaMalfa responded angrily, forgetting, I guess, that he isn't a priest. "No," one of his constituents retorted, "do you lie in church?"

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Half of all American college students spend less than five hours a week on assigned reading. That is far less time than I spent reading assigned work when I was in college. Given how much there is to know, and given the abysmal level of knowledge gathered by most American high school kids by the time they graduate, the limited amount of reading college students are doing goes a long way toward explaining the appalling ignorance that now dominates our culture and our politics.

Since he took office, President Trump has spent four times as many hours playing golf as he has taking intelligence briefings. Also, in the month of February, he received $681,531,302 in free media coverage. The next 50 most often mentioned public figures combined received $625,643,071 in free coverage. Allotment of media coverage surely drives our collective view of things, and this seems pretty disproportionate, and probably dangerously so.

One of Trump's senior national security advisers has posted on Styleform, a men's fashion website, more than 41,000 times. And, also incidentally, Trump's Cabinet members and closest advisors share a net worth of over $61 billion, which is more than the gross domestic product of 114 of the world's countries.

Michael Reagan, the rather dim-witted "conservative" adopted son of the sainted Ronald recently rose to the defense of the odious Bill O'Reilly. Mikey opined that if a woman's cleavage causes a man to be aroused, that arousal victim should be able to sue her. It seems these American right wingers have much in common with Muslim fundamentalists when it comes to blaming the victims for unleashing emotions they can't control. Because they lack mature self-discipline and common decency, they want women to either cover themselves completely, or be liable for lawsuits. If they harass you, ladies, it ain't their fault; it's yours.

Three even more dimwitted stooges—Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, and Kid Rock—walked into the Oval Office to visit Donald Trump. This is not the first line of a joke. Nor is it the least bit funny.

jaime oneill

Jaime O'Neill