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Okay, take a deep breath. The weekend is here and that means the President will be occupied with his true love: namely, viciously attacking a little white ball and being ferried around one of his sacred properties out of the reach of the press. Let the tweeting commence. While it is easy to characterize each succeeding week of this disaster that is the Trump Era as cataclysmic it is still too early to proclaim his imminent demise. Furthermore, there is a nagging and pernicious realization that things most likely will get worse before they get better. I hate the idea that I find myself wishing the worst for his fortunes when I am acutely aware that his missteps will affect masses of unfortunate and vulnerable people, but I am convinced that in the long run he represents a cancerous tumor that unless excised will cause even more suffering.

Trump Era Ending

While it is easy to characterize each succeeding week of this disaster that is the Trump Era as cataclysmic it is still too early to proclaim his imminent demise.

So I will attempt to put the most positive spin on what is and will continue to be a tragically dark chapter in our struggle to secure a hopeful and promising future for the generations that will follow. Finally, mercifully, we are about to embark on the road to impeachment. Since the release of the Mueller report I have steadfastly believed that a sufficient case could be made for the opening of an impeachment inquiry. At the same time, however, I have also realized that a rational political argument, such as the one enunciated by Speaker Pelosi, could be a prudent course and carried substantial weight.

Hence, we Democrats were hopelessly deadlocked and could only proceed with one hand tied behind our backs. You see, Democrats collectively possess a conscience; the Republican Party that has been hijacked by Trump does not. This is a particularly pronounced difference between the Watergate impeachment and our current dilemma. It may change, but the overriding constraint at this point is whether there is enough time for such a transformation to occur. I have not yet given up hope. As soon as it appears as though supporting Trump is not in their own best political interests, Republicans will abandon him like rats on a sinking ship. It could happen. But the odds are not in our favor, and when I say our I am speaking for all Americans.

No one, and I say this unequivocally, could have imagined that the gross incompetence and ineptitude of the President would be unveiled to the world at large by none other than the President himself. Not only did he expose enough evidence that could be easily understood by the the greater population at large, but he also put the smoking gun back into his own holster and allowed it to set his pants on fire.

Of course, if not for the courageous actions of the heretofore unmasked whistleblower, who genuinely has placed patriotism above his or her own self-interest and incredibly their own personal safety, the likelihood of having the clock run out until after the next election presented a daunting obstacle which prevented definitive resolution of corruption and high crimes. Perhaps there is a divine presence, but let's not go there. I will only say that hope springs eternal.

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The current strategy propounded by the Speaker, now armed with at least 226 votes, is to laser focus upon Ukraine-gate. This does not mean that the investigation will abandon other areas of interest encompassing at least five other committees. In the interest of strategic significance and most particularly time constraints having to do with the Presidential election calendar it is possible that we may see a vote on a list of articles of impeachment before the end of the year. Merry Christmas, Mr. President.

Of course we will witness massive intransigence on the part of the White House and the Trump playbook, based solely on delay and diversion, will be on full display. It is possible, however, that there very well may be enough evidence existent in these initial documents to secure a vote for impeachment without delay. These next two months will be a fascinating case study in democratic governance, particularly the pillars of separation of powers, checks and balances, and the rule of law, all concepts either foreign to or useless to this Chief Executive.

After Richard Nixon’s resignation, newly sworn-in President Gerald Ford proclaimed “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over ... Our Constitution works; our great Republic is a government of laws and not of men.” We are a long way from anything remotely approaching such proclamation at this point. It will require serious bipartisan acknowledgement that our system is worth preserving. There is a long road ahead.

One further caution is instructive here. Many of us, including this author, placed a tremendous amount of faith and confidence in Special Counsel Mueller’s efforts. They were misplaced. Mueller failed to carry out his ultimate responsibility, in my humble estimation, which was to place the letter and spirit of the Constitution above all else, including administrative regulations designed to protect a sitting President from accountability on anything short of a capital offense. This was not in the spirit of the grave mission that was his charge and he will go to his grave having failed his country. I hope this keeps him up at night, but there is no sense in beating what is already a dead horse. This should never happen again.

I have not given up on the notion that swiftly moving currents can, as they have in the past, create seismic shifts in Congressional support when it comes down to having to actually cast a vote. This is why Moscow Mitch refuses to allow virtually anything that is not signed off by the President to be voted on in this ridiculously impotent Do Nothing Senate. Given Trump’s propensity to do self-surgery and his sidekick Rudy Guiliani’s peripetitic embrace of controversy, contradiction, and nonsensical babble I would put the odds of self-destruction at about 50-50. But it is equally important that the Democrats do not appear to overreach and that excessive partisanship is avoided.

So we all need to draw a deep breath, relax, and let the chips fall where they may. There is light at the end of the tunnel, let’s hope it is the end of the tunnel and realize that what awaits us if we reach it is a massive amount of reconstruction to ensure what MUST matter most to all of us: namely, the opportunity for future generations to be able to chart their own destiny with less baggage than we have already saddled them with.


Lance Simmens