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"Generally speaking the only thing most politicians have in common with Jesus is the amount of time they spend with prostitutes."—Andy Borowitz

Trump Fake Christians

"Man is kind enough when he is not excited by religion."—Mark Twain

Some people who think they're Christians seem seriously confused about the message Christ spread during his brief sojourn here. Many of them believe that the name Jesus Christ and the name Donald J. Trump fit together somehow. Some even believe that Trump is the new messiah, sent by God to save our souls despite ample evidence that Trump's fidelity to stuff like the Ten Commandments is rather scarce, though evidence of his violation of several of those commandments is abundant.

Take the commandment about "bearing false witness." In plain English, those words are about lying, and the Christian God was unequivocally against it. In fact, the practice of prevarication is frowned upon by nearly all the world's religions and moral teachings. Trump, however, goes out of his way to bear false witness, as do most of the people who appear on Fox "News," his favorite cable TV channel.

Our current president lies on matters large and small, significant and petty. Way back in June, The New York Times printed a listing of his verifiable lies to date, a very long list, indeed. That list has grown since then, of course, although the Trump true believers simply write off such demonstrable facts as "fake news," and then turn to Fox for the credulous cretin's version of truth.

Donald Trump doesn't just lie; he tells the best lies, the most numerous falsehoods, using the best words, employing the highest IQ to come up with the best misinformation for those "low information voters" he loves best.

Donald Trump doesn't just lie; he tells the best lies, the most numerous falsehoods, using the best words, employing the highest IQ to come up with the best misinformation for those "low information voters" he loves best. I wouldn't be surprised if he even sold fake IDs in 2020.

The commandment against lying isn't the only commandment Trump ignores. In his ghost-written books, he actually brags about stealing, in one form or another. His record as an adulterer is a matter of record. He doesn't keep the Sabbath holy. Even the first commandment about having no other gods might is cancelled out by the fact that Trump clearly worships Mammon above nearly all other entities, deities, or principles.

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As for the biggie, the one that commands "thou shalt not kill," Donald Trump's reckless bellicosity is evidence of how little restraint he feels about unleashing mass death on civilian populations almost at whim. He threatens "fire and fury," saying he will "totally destroy" North Korea, a nation of some 25 million souls. That hardly sounds like the words of a Christian man who has given a lot of serious thought to the issue of killing. He is also, lest we forget, the same pious pilgrim who bragged last year that he could "stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and still not lose any voters."

Nonetheless, 82% of the deplorable hypocrites who voted for him still stand by this most un-Christian of men, still think of themselves as Christians, especially of the fundamentalist or evangelical varieties. They say they can hate the sin while loving the sinner, but they sure seem capable of embracing the sin, too, and far too often.

Take the case of the Alabama whacko, Judge Roy Moore. As I write these words, he's still in contention to become the Republican Senator from that benighted state despite the fact that he is alleged to have had sex with a 14-year-old girl when he was a 32-year-old Assistant District Attorney. That very credible allegation (with some 30 corroborations) has led some dubious "Christian" defenders of Moore to compare Moore's adventures with pedophilia to Mary (she was a teenager) and Joseph (he wasn't). Even casual "Christians," however, should recall that Joseph wasn't the biological father of Jesus. Other Alabama "Christians" have argued that the sex with the 14-year-old girl was "consensual." Some of these defenders are lawyers as well as professed Christians, but they don't seem well-grounded in either law or scripture.

Too many Republicans appear to see nothing wrong with treason when it comes to colluding with foreign powers to subvert democracy. Too many self-proclaimed Christians see little that is objectionable about child molestation.

Donald Trump began his climb to political power by bearing false witness against Barack Obama with his racist "birther" lies. Roy Moore gained national notice by defying the law that had required him to remove the Ten Commandments from a county court house. Now he is currently breaking one of those commandments as he so blatantly lies about molesting a 14-year-old girl.

And way too many "Christians" seem unclear on the concepts and the commandments. If a phony Christian or a thoroughly un-Christian president violates the commandments, the Constitution, or basic human decency, they really don't care. Jesus weeps.

jaime oneill

And loses his lunch.

Jaime O'Neill