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This is two days after the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump celebrated his 100th day in office. This landmark occasion is historically intended to define the programs a President has in mind for the benefit of the country, and to launch as many of those new plans as possible.

trump fills swamp

We don't deny that Trump went for the launching, if not with success, at least with a vengeance. Result?

Never have so many plans been launched to benefit so few and devastate so many.

Trump hit the ground running by picking as his cabinet and every agency of government individuals with proven records of disdain for the agency they head and a determination if not to destroy them, at least to drastically cut them back.

Trump hit the ground running by picking as his cabinet and every agency of government individuals with proven records of disdain for the agency they head and a determination if not to destroy them, at least to drastically cut them back. You might say 60 years of progress were obliterated in that launching.

Chosen to start the devastation were:

Scott Pruitt, Secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency, close associate of the Koch brothers, long-time denier of global warming. and strong opponent of not only any environmental regulations, but of the existence of the agency itself.

Betsy deVos,Secretary of Education, outspoken enemy of public schools.

Steve Mnuchin Secretary of Treasury, former CEO of the low esteemed bank One West; made this fortune by foreclosing on 36,000 poor and middle class home owners. As expected, Mnuchin now supports Trumps deep tax cuts for the mega rich.

Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, defines poverty as a “choice”.

Rick Perry,S ecretary of Energy—In 2012 as a Presidential candidate he wanted to abolish that department. Now his position as its head puts him in charge of the development of nuclear power. Time to duck-and-cover everyone!

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Jeff Sessions; US Attorney General virulent bigot, former KKK enthusiast. Leader in the movement to deport Hispanics, irrespective of their status, fighting to withhold federal funds for states and cities that impose the sanctuary laws and refuse to cooperate with deportation. Interesting to note that of 635 Hispanics seized by ICE in Los Angeles, half had traffic violations. The rest had no violations of any kind.

The list of Trump appointees goes on. It’s a motley crew, reeking from bigotry, stupidity, and special interests (Tim Price, Surgeon General, for instance, who opposes ACA or any form of single payer, is heavily invested in pharmaceuticals.)

Trump can brag about making the Koch Brothers and the like giddy with joy on his first hundred days. And as for the military…..Trump has put them in charge of our foreign policy. It was with joy and pride that they carpet bombed Mosul, killing unknown hundreds if not thousands of innocent civilians. Following this they insisted that Assad had used chemical weapons again on his own people (a “fact” later proven to be unproven). Our military then decided to bomb a Syrian airport killing many innocent civilians as a sign of Trumps’ decisiveness. This was followed by dropping the largest non-nuclear bomb ever constructed on a small town in Afghanistan without provocation . Why did we do it? Nobody knows. Maybe just because we could.

But what we could not do under military rule was find North Korea . We sent in an “Armada” to show North Korea on the day they were to demonstrate their new nuclear missile, not to mess with us. One small problem: On that day we found our “Armada” 1000 miles off course, sailing away in a different ocean. Did Trump scold the military for this embarrassing feat of inefficiency? Certainly not. Instead, he heightened the war tensions by further threatening North Korea with attack, and to solidify that threat he spent the next day briefing each US Senator on his intention to follow through on that threat. Meanwhile….

Desperate to come up with something, ANYTHING in this first hundred days, he announced the end of NAFTA, which he had described throughout his campaign as a “disaster”. That was last Wednesday. On Thursday he recanted, became best friends with Mexico and Canada and put us solidly behind NAFTA…insuring that US workers will continue to lose jobs to those countries because of they’re non union, low salary policies.

That left his one-page new tax proposition cutting the taxes in more than half for the mega rich (from 35% to 15%) to represent his accomplishment for the first hundred days. Unfortunately one page isn’t going to do it, even for Republicans, so the fate of that outrageous tax cut for the rich, crippling the poor and the middle class in this country is still in place….a knife at our throat impatient to plunge.

He continues with his outrageous choices for people in high places including his son-in-law Jared Kushner who is Trump’s chief advisor on almost every subject. Feeling the need to be more specific, Trump invented a new title for him. Kushner is now head of the “Department of American Innovation”. Hopefully he’ll find his voice to communicate what he’s innovating. Has anyone ever heard him speak? He either has nothing to say, or is incapable of saying it. Like his wife, Ivanka, he is capable of one thing however… standing around looking pretty. But let’s not complain; at least they’re Jewish…. although anti-Semitism has risen dramatically throughout the country in the last few weeks. We just can’t win.

The Trump base, who still love him, are grabbing on to its new freedoms. They may not have jobs, healthcare, environmental protection, education guarantees for their children…..but they do have their hatred of minorities and immigrants to keep them warm. And, of course, their precious guns to keep them big. Now that Trump has spoken at the National Rifle Association the only President to do so since Reagan, and promised to remove all gun control, his trigger-happy base is ecstatic. “Heil Donald” is barely adequate.

Let’s not forget what may be Trump’s biggest coup in his first 100 days. He completed the Republican majority in all branches of government….the Executive, the Legislative and at last….the Judicial.

With the appointment Neil Gorsuch the gothic right-wing 9th Justice of the US Supreme Court, the iron door to freedom and democracy has been slammed shut in our faces. We’re locked in for Trump and Company to have their way with us and in the next hundred days we had better get that door opened or we may evaporate. And so by the way, may the planet.

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