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To say that the President is a pathological liar is no longer news, to say that he has a propensity to become unhinged is a testament to his habitual twitter dependency, to say that he is unstable is becoming obvious to even the most partisan Republicans, but it is now time to really call it like it is: namely, the President is insane.

Illegitimate President

The potential dangers posed by this assertion are enough to scare the hell out of the most hardened and toughest among us. The consequences of the recklessness displayed over the past six weeks via executive orders, botched rollouts of policy decisions, press conferences, and the maddening late night/early morning tweets by the Donald himself are so serious that it is starting to rattle even Congressional Republicans. And that at least is something approaching a silver lining to this whole sordid deal.

It is only a matter of time before President Trump will be confronted with a bona fide emergency that will require a sophisticated, coordinated, and professional set of political judgments and technical assessments that would test the most dedicated leader.

It is only a matter of time before President Trump will be confronted with a bona fide emergency that will require a sophisticated, coordinated, and professional set of political judgments and technical assessments that would test the most dedicated leader. The decisions will yield profound consequences both at home and across the globe. In short, the most powerful player in the most powerful nation on earth will be looked upon to lead. Is there anyone in his or her right mind that actually believes that our President is up to the job? Do we dare risk what is inevitable?

Equally as disturbing, however, is that Trump has not adequately staffed the institutions of government with qualified government managers who can render advice and direction that will supplement the best instincts of the Tweeter-in-Chief. Even more disturbing still is that there is scant evidence that even if the key actors were in place their advice would even be solicited let alone followed.

The President has earned no confidence whatsoever in his ability to either grasp or master the complexities of governance. The President has shown that gut instincts, intuition, or adherence to the Svengali-like spell of alt-right Brietbart propagandist Steve Bannon are simply not sufficient to governing the leading democracy of the free world.

If the President seriously believed that Barack Obama had nefariously figured out a way to tap the wires of either his or his henchmen’s communications apparatus, he alone commands the governmental authorities that give him the evidence he so desperately needs to validate his allegations. There is no need for a Congressional investigation, unless of course the entire story is totally fabricated. Worse yet for Trump, however, finding the answers without the political cover of political protection might actually validate a compelling need for surveillance—a Court order to wiretap means where there is smoke there is probably fire. The President has proven to be quite adept at changing the narratives in response to a negative news cycle.

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Unfortunately, while that is an effective campaign strategy it has disastrous consequences for the prestige and credibility of the leading superpower. The dangers aroused by this pitiful episode give impetus to the logical conclusion that the President is at the very least deranged.

The President is insane and his insanity will eventually, ultimately place in peril the world order as it currently exists. Now some may argue that that is the point and that that would be a good thing. Well, all change carries risk and radical change carries radical risks. There is little evidence to suggest that the changes that Trump may envision either in his fantasies or policy proclamations will yield anything short of chaos. One only need look at the state of his government to date, or for that matter the state of his White House staff. As a person who has served in government positions for nearly four decades I can attest to the importance of a dedicated staff of competent civil servants and political appointees with experience and expertise in government. The former are being intimidated and the latter are few and far between. From the Cabinet appointments to his senior staff to the massive vacancies throughout the government the President has exhibited nothing short of disdain for the processes of government and the nuances of public policy, a preposterously toxic brew.

The President is insane and must be removed from office. In a one-party monopoly that controls the Legislative and Executive branches of the U.S. government, this will only occur if a cadre of Republican leaders step up and place America and its citizens above the political fray. It will only happen when Republican leaders step up and place the power of policy above party. It will only happen when true leaders that value the Republic over the Republican Party step forward and call out the President on his insanity.

And there is not a second to waste at this point. Republicans, this is your government now and you will be held responsible for whatever fate befalls the nation over the next several years.

Even if you cannot bring yourselves to place the country above your self-interests, keep in mind that those very self-interests you hold ultimate allegiance to may also be at risk.

The President is insane and it is critical that he be treated before he does damage to himself, the nation and the world. The risks to the Republic and Republicans demand that actions be initiated to incapacitate the President, either through impeachment or the 25th Amendment. In the meantime, each day that passes, each news cycle that brings more distressing news to the deranged pretender to the throne, carries the potential for disaster.


Lance Simmens