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Sometimes, I have to read and recite Neruda to survive:

trump mocks disabled

“There is no insurmountable solitude. All paths lead to the same goal: to convey to others what we are. And we must pass through solitude and difficulty, isolation and silence in order to reach forth to the enchanted place where we can dance our clumsy dance and sing our sorrowful song - but in this dance or in this song there are fulfilled the most ancient rites of our conscience in the awareness of being human and of believing in a common destiny.”

Oh, yeah, that human stain, Donald Trump! You know, mocking someone in a wheelchair, with his fourth grader's wit, playing like some Elephant Man to make his point about hating a New York Times reporter for pressing him about his stance on Muslim Americans that is, proof that there were all these Muslim neighborhoods in the Fat Big Red-Neck Apple where the people were celebrating upon the 9/11 plane conspiracy bombarding the most defensive country in the world.

We're talking about Serge Kovaleski, who has arthrogryposis, which restricts joint movement. On stage, with cameras rolling, this human perversion Trump pantomimed what he thought was a funny Saturday Night skit. You know, real presidential material, this Trump. He's done that a million times, and those Trump supporters and left-wing lovers of disruptive politics, how can they even stomach giving him a moment's breath of consideration.

Oh, shit, yeah, we just gobble up this human perversion, and yep, the floodgates are open for more perversions – so called progressives or radical lefties even give this human cockroach a nano-second's worth of serious press or discourse. Did they watch The Apprentice? Really, I never did, just from the premise, but how many Americans thought that recriminating, dog-eat-dog show was good? How many billions of ads sold? What was the prevailing talent of this sex predator?

But back to people living with ID/DD, those people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities. Those with or without the services of a school IEP, individual educational plan.

I've worked in the field, for United Cerebral Palsy, and other organizations here in Portland, and I've been trained on person-centered thinking and language. This is someone, me, who has been a dive master in Mexico, who has hitchhiked from Nogales to Panama, who worked on the underground railroad in the 1980s under the Reagan Terror years, while my day job was small town legit newspaper reporter. I've organized adjunct faculty in Washington, been arrested for protesting Amazon dot Bezos and Big Bad BoA, you know, Bank of America?

I've run illegal things from Chihuahua City to El Paso, just to make ends meet as an adjunct faculty at a university and community college, while also teaching on a military base, a prison and in a Juarez twin plant for Packard Electric.

It's almost impossible for me to sit in a room of yammerers, listening to the bourgeoisie or the poverty pimps or mainstream journalists or politicians who give zero shit about the homeless, the mentally ill, us, or with movers and shakers in the development community, without going toe to toe with their pompous or bureaucratic or elitist or libertarian-liberal-conservative asses.

In a new universe with more gravity on another planet, a guy like Trump would be pressed by guys like me or a Jeremy Scahill or anyone with a heartbeat and sense of social justice. But, again, the multimillionaires club of non-journalists or the newsprint six figure honchos with the NYC book contracts, well, they are the arbiters of inane thinking, reporting, reportage (sic, sic, sic).

So, how can it be that this slob of a person makes fun of a reporter, there, in the audience, and not one person or group of persons shouts the idiot down, or corrals him, forces him to slobber on the spot his moral anorexic shit?

So, how can it be that this slob of a person makes fun of a reporter, there, in the audience, and not one person or group of persons shouts the idiot down, or corrals him, forces him to slobber on the spot his moral anorexic shit?

Subhumans like Trump, like a great swatch of Americanos, well, they promulgate subhuman, and inhumane conditions for the entire planet, for us all, those of us in the 80 percent, not counting the 19 percent owning most of the 92 percent of wealth, with that One Percent claiming 40 percent of all the blood money. Yep, we are the 80 percent, us feeble ones, holding 8 percent of the greenbacks, brother.

So is it any wonder CEOs of non-profits like Goodwill or the Red Cross or any number of other organizations rake in six figure salaries while paying out 50 cents an hour wages to people they supposedly are there to help.

Imagine, 48 states, allowing for a sub-minimum wage. While Portland does have one of those $340,000-a-year heads of a Goodwill region, and while there are 111 people moving into the tri-county area each day, we do have some highlights, radical groups, and social justice events. I was at Mercy Corps recently where I saw the filmmaker, a panel discussion and the screening of film on disability rights, Bottom Dollars, in Portland, Oregon.

It doesn't take much to realize that a piece of human excrement like Trump, who has fought and fought against Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) provisos to outfit his dens of inequity with wheelchair ramps and other provisions like toilet bowls people can reach, especially people with disabilities,. Under the strain of 88 million BABY-boomers hitting age 65 at 10,000 per day and all the people born with disabilities, from cerebral palsy to any number of spinal ailments causing paralysis, disability services, accommodations, thinking, planning, etc, will be a huge issue all Americans will ace with one degree of separation.

The film was produced and directed by Jordan Melogran, part of Disability Rights Washington and Rooted in Rights coalition supporting equal workplace access and equal pay for people facing lives tied to their disabilities, whether physical or connected to developmental disabilities.

Melogran was a good speaker, and when I pointed out to the crowd that there is another group of people getting 5 cents or 25 cents an hour – incarcerated Americans – Jordan was ready to engage the larger conversation. We've seen article after article on that modern USA slavery, forced work in prisons for some of those huge household names like Target, Apple, Victoria's Secret, Microsoft and the US Army.

Bottom line, I have worked with adults with developmental disabilities, worked with Disability Rights Oregon, worked with United Cerebral Palsy, with school districts in their special education programs. I currently work with other disabled folk – those in their addiction, those facing PTSD, those who have lived years and decades in prisons, those who have been chronically homeless.

Believe me, pulling yourself up by the bootstraps only works for Nazis, and dying cowboys, maybe, but this new normal, since way before Reagan, is to blame– blame the victims of structural violence.

The Trump crowd – all those so sophisticated pro-Trump lefties and political science aficionados who think the piece of human detritus Clinton somehow is a worthy loser so this shit show under the Trump dumpster, now that he is looking to be in office, well, what frame or context are these people coming from? What evidence do they need to know that Trump is the evil that is Clinton and neoliberalism's creation.

I have people fighting me that it's impossible to look at both bloodsucker humans as part of the same Sacks of Goldman giant rip-off scheme. When Trump made fun of EVERYONE with a disability, the crowd pleasers laughed at the “joke,” booed when anyone brought it up as an example of Trump's stupidity, and of course, that prostitute media and the heads of those networks kept their Faustian Bargain of More of Trump, More of the Money, More of the Ratings shit going . . . guys running networks saying Trump might not be good for policy, for democracy, but he's certainly exceptional for ratings, and profits, shit dog, thank your very much, American$..

Simple human scale judgment – this human pile of sludge hates people, those far removed from his clique, from his private school upbringing, far from his golf course loving league, far outside his circle of money changers, bilkers of billions from workers, tax evaders sucking up our tax coffers, and far from his yellow-belly Republicans who are now all racing for more military contracts, more charter schools, more gas pipelines, more corporate welfare.

So, simple logic and human reaction is to not only geared to despise the thinking and programs and systems this man works under, but also the man. The actual fringe sociopath man himself.

But, not in Obama America, or left-wing America. Get on with loving this new game changer or bridge the divide. What a bunch of crap.

Forget Hillary, the Clintons, all those 2.5 million extra votes, the voter box tampering, the electron rolls smashed or erased, and all those people of color and those incarcerated scrubbed from American humanity.

Forget the fact both Clinton and Trump are friends, or that a for a vote for one is a vote for the other. Forget the fact that Trump represents a large swath of people in the USA who actually hate blacks, browns, liberals, college educated sorts, social programs, women in positions of authority-power. Many liberals loving Hillary, well, they hate browns, blacks, white men, real college educated folk, social programs, and anyone militating against their neo-liberal project for a perfect global hegemony.

I have never seen such nonsense with intelligent people somehow thinking they know the lay of the land, and somehow, believing that voting for Trump was a protest vote, that these large numbers of Trump supporters are somehow respectful of the First Nations, of the Mexican who had no say in their country being sold to the Manifest Destiny Americans.

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They voted for this dude Trump who hates women, who is a racist, who is a buffoon because that is what most who voted for him WANT. Yet, somehow, these armchair writers who have zero sense of what the flyover states are all about, or the rural folks' make-up is, or how the regular US military act, or even what big city working classes are up to when they love cops, love the flag, love anything that is not a new America, it's well, hilarious, as these lefties they just come out with more and more bloviating nonsense.

Take it from someone like me, 59, reporter, teacher, worker in many states, in many communities, and beat reporter for beats like cop shops or the city councils, Americans voting for Trump did so out of a love for the fourth grade educated guy, for this Apprentice shit storm of an untalented white guy. They love him for his money, for his uncharmed ways, for his misogyny, for his profanities, for his white guy with no guts or brawn verbal pugilism.

These lefties and alternative folk who think a vote for Trump was a vote against neo-liberalism need some real protein enemas. Trump is a product of a broken/broke USA, a war-loving USA, a country with crocodile tears from the American Legions, this country of hates of their “gooks” and “rag-heads” and “sand Arabs” and “Pinko Fags.”

Trump is Reagan is Truman is Nixon is Clinton is Bush is Obama is FDR is the United Snakes of America Under Capitalism.

The rubber not hitting the pavement yet for my liberal and lefty friends? Spend time in the warehouses, in the factories, in the boardrooms, in the alleyways, in the streets, on the farms, inside the Bible Belt, in churches, at Walmarts, all over the place – Trump is Bottom Dollar America.

America is that Strange Fruit, Billie Holiday, and that Old and New Jim Crow, that MAM (military aged men – count, 13 years old in Indochina) Yankee Doodle Dandy killing machine in Vietnam or Korea, and America is twin plant USA, burning fields and trenches a la the US-Mexico border, where babies born with half a brain, or thyroids cut out at twenty, well, that is the America of Democrats and Republicans. America is that DDT-loving kingdom, that Agent Orange Flame-throwing son of a gun joy luck country, that big bad ass hydrogen bomb dropping way out west place New Adam sort of fellow . . . that huge propaganda machine – education, journalism, political thought – all steeped in that Madison Avenue Mad as Hell Men rip-off America selling to a sucker born every minute everything he or she doesn't need but the usury kings can capitalize on.

America don't need no stinking badge, or is it that Bonus Soldiers WWI killing machine, that blacklisting and drug warring machine, that ignorance is more than bliss joint, all those gun shops and cigarette stores America, all those high fructose corn syrup children running for their Ritalin, all those big ass student loan interest rates to the tune of 1 point five trillion dollars, or that America of the mortgage-killing bank of USA loving kind, all of it, and more, America, WAY before the shit-storm of Trump.

Yet, the movie, about young and old stored away in shelters or enclaves, because American businesses can get tax write offs for hiring people with ID/DD, and yet, they are pariahs, shuttered away from mainstream Clinton-Obama-Trump loving USA consumers.

The bottom dollar is about putting people in sheltered workshops – places where all those citizens/uncitizens are segregated from all of us “normal” people and whose life is about toiling away at shit work, and who make cents on the dollar, while the CEO of Goodwill USA makes $350,000 a year. That America, treating people living with any number of developmental disabilities and just other disabilities as if they are dogs. That pre-Trump America!

America of the Nazi type, bringing in those V-1 rocket builders to invent our US of A missile technology. US of Israel America, apartheid America, Cuba-blockade America, MLK, JFK, Malcolm X, RFK, you name him or her, killing America.

And guess what? Nothing about Donald Trump and his insanity-plagued world is any of that history. Not even wimps like this Trump Fool involved in any of that genocide, land theft, resource plunder, culture killing world, the so-called foundation of US of A.

But again, the bottom dollar is exploitation, treating people who others see as “the other” to the glory of forced sterilization in Oregon, for example, up to 60,000, in the 1900s. So the Oregon governor around 2008 apologized for the forced sterilization of people deemed idiots and retarded and subhuman or miscreants.

That's not Donald Rapist Trump's world, by far. That is a world of stealth, steely eyed workers for the millionaires and billionaires. Each tax code violated, each eminent domain cataloged, each and every school shuttered or sold to the highest hedge fund bidder. Oh, yes, this America, way before Trump trumped the disgusting electoral system. America of PayDay loans, of Driving While Black/Indian incarceration. America of those people supporting the cops who kill, those who want long-haired hippie types tarred and feathered. This is the America of Emmett Till's murderers and supporters of murder, and America of those early invasions of white man's mall pox-seeded blankets.

Oh, that America.

Somehow, Trump is a Trojan Horse for those warped people – yes, farmers, jailers, warehouse workers, factory cogs, military machine builders, civil servants, retailer, wholesalers, truckers, sure, and yes, those liberals who have zero concept of structural and institutionalized violence, of embedded racism and sexism and prejudice, way before Trump or Reagan or Wallace or Goldwater of Teddy Roosevelt.

So, this game changer Trump, who makes fun of people in wheelchairs, this is the human stain of America, of the millionaire class, the billionaire classes, all those CEOs, the Mafia-sprouted casino captains, all the majors in the war against nature, they are the very amoebic dysentery of our times, of any time, US of A, blacklisting, slave trading, school boycott hating America . . . the Rosa Parks and Paul Robeson heroes denigrated by US of A. Black civil rights leaders and radicals killed, that USA, and those civil rights activists, black, brown, white, young, old, female, male, murdered, THAT USA, WAY before Trump got his 2017 king of the pig sty heap honor.

“This is the basis, and I am not being tried for whether I am a Communist, I am being tried for fighting for the rights of my people, who are still second-class citizens in this United States of America.... Why should the Negroes ever fight against the only nations of the world where racial discrimination is prohibited, and where the people can live freely? Never! I can assure you, they will never fight against either the Soviet Union or the peoples' democracies.” – Paul Robeson

The role of America's corporations, and the cloned state-corporate hydra, they have done wonderful things culling civil and constitutional rights, and have worked tireless, day and night, year round, to curtail livable wages, to curtain off any workplace rights or opportunities for retirement. This is a country splayed by the FIRE brigades – Finance Insurance Real Estate – a triad of community killers and family wreckers, way before Joe or Donny Trump.

This land is your land, my ass, and the people with developmental disabilities, locked away in the state mental hospital, Fairview Training Center, Salem, Oregon, a place for the “feeble minded,” they were behind fire-housed down gates, shadows, tortured, thrown into horror chambers, way before some Trump Number 44 Presidency got into gear.

But, alas, what is a Trump, this blowhard, this child in old man's clothes, a pedophile and sexual assaulter, now, el presidente, and oh, those millions of votes from him, what do those child leftists say? “He will be good for US-Russian relations, for Iran, for the common worker, for non-interventionists.”

This is the state of America, bottom dollars, to the penny, for work by people, human beings, but Trump and his ilk, millions, have the same feelings about the infirm, as he might lovingly call them, or the gimps or crips or whatever pejorative he says and his followers laugh at.

Is this the state of Trump Rationalizations? Incompetent thinker, fourth grade elucidation, and then, we get great scholars and book writers and pundits on the left saying Trump is not that bad.

As if they think all the bad is identity politics, or that dreaded PC – when in fact, PC, not politically correct, but PC, for Persistently Corruptible, those are the operating systems of every branch of government and every board room of Fortune 1000 firms.

Yet, somehow Trump is so different from Clinton (not).

Section 14 c. That's of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. Some civil rights protection of a minimum wage. So, workers had to be paid equally for their hard work, except for people with disabilities. Section 14 (c) was the exemption. Less than minimum wage.

The exemption was there to encourage employers to hire people with disabilities, but instead these people were put in sheltered workshops – segregated from communities and paid wages below minimum wage.

This is Trump-land, Clinton-land, the land of Carnegie and Rockefeller. American Dreams robbed and stolen, and people exploited in prisons making all the crap of the Fortune 500 companies. Requiems for Native Americans, for the bought and sold slaves, for the Mexican who had their culture and land and borders Manifest Destiny-ed to hell.

Bottom Dollars is the dog eat dog America, the America of recrimination and fines and making laws against panhandling or loitering or standing still under an awning up against a wall. This is pre-Trump America, and now Trump, Inc., will make the best of what this land has doled out for 240 years.

paul haeder

Paul K. Haeder