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Let's begin with the burning question: how do we stop Donald Trump and his band of thugs from destroying our democracy, bankrupting our country, and devouring our planet.

trump must go

Simple question: simple answer.

We get rid of him.

During his first draconian 100 days he managed to get thousands of innocent people killed by showering three targets—Mosul in Iran, a Syrian airport, and the small city of Raqqi in Afghanistan—with bombs, missiles, drones and every other available non nuclear weapon in our arsenal…and that was just for openers.

He unleashed his racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions, on Muslims, communities of color, and particularly Hispanics, causing hundreds of them to be ripped out of their families, deported, jailed and otherwise disappeared by the neo Nazi group ICE.

Lower federal court orders has banned his ban on Muslims so far. But that doesn't mean he’s giving up. Witness how he ridiculously tried to tie the rejection of his beloved Muslim ban with the terrorist act at the London Bridge. And he’s planning to take that rejection to our highest Court and fire whatever Supreme Court justices still stand in his way of the ban. Of course Supreme Court Justices cannot be fired. They are appointed for life. But undeterred, Trump has his eye on Ruth Bator Ginzburg and his plans for her are unclear. What we do know is accepting “NO” for an answer when he decides to destroy whatever or whoever he wants to get rid of is not in Trump’s DNA.

Thanks to the Trump’s Anti-Healthcare bill, healthcare has been stripped of all benefits, including the right to life if you have already been born and have the nerve to get sick while alive.

Meanwhile bricks of democracy are crashing all around us. The FCC has voted against maintaining net neutrality—which means the internet can become just another tool of the 1%. Thanks to the Trump’s Anti-Healthcare bill, healthcare has been stripped of all benefits, including the right to life if you have already been born and have the nerve to get sick while alive. All charities, including Meals on Wheels, poor childrens’ free lunches, federal funding for public schools, help for the disabled from Social Security itself plus Medicare and Medicaid (that one you can forget about altogether.) Anything that in any way helps people who pay their taxes in exchange for these government services is on the chopping block. If it’s good for you, and you’re not a billionaire, you’re toast.

If you are a billionaire of course your tax rate is dropped from 35% to 15% . That means that the Walton family—the richest family in the country (you’ve heard of Walmarts where the workers get slave wages)—well, their owners, the Waltons get a tax return of $54 billion. That’s enough to send almost every child in the United States to free school from kindergarten through college. If you’re Bill Gates, you get $40 billion back in taxes. Even little guys like Donald Trump get a $4 billion tax refund. Nothing right? Kinderspiel. Peanuts. Well, those are just some of the peanuts going back to the mega rich under Trumps tax proposal.

But the piece-de-resistance is the planet itself. Now that Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord agreement, signed by over 191 major countries in the world, it’s reached a point where Premier Merkel of Germany has publicly announced that the United States can no longer be depended upon to help its allies. So much for our position as leader of the free world.

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What’s next? The US as enemy of the free world?

Getting back to the budget which is about to come up, here are some specifics:

  • $5 billion in cuts to public education
  • $73 billion in cuts to Social Security
  • $191 billion in cuts to food stamps
  • $610 billion in cuts to Medicaid
  • and of course $880 billion slashed by House Republicans in their so called healthcare bill.

Those are just a few of the highlights. There’s also the money gone for children’s healthcare, money to combat opioid epidemic, money for the Corp of Public Broadcasting…and more. Much much more. Rule of thumb, Donald Trump's little thumb: If it’s good for the people, get rid of it. 

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, third in line for the presidency, calls this budget “right on target”. If the bull’s eye of that target is the heart of the people, we’re dead. What’s our alternative?

We know we have to get Trump out of office. But how? Many people think impeachment is the way? That’s why there’s so much emphasis on this endless Russia talk. But we may be able to prove that he’s broken the law by making private money deals while running for office with a number or foreign countries, including China.

No matter what the country, that's breaking the law. Can it be proven? And in whose hands should it be tried? The law says it should be Congress, the elected representatives of the people who should be in charge. What is happening however is the case is increasingly in the hands of the unelected departments of the government….the CIA, NSA, the FBI.

A special prosecutor Robert Mueller—former head of the FBI—has been assigned to it. Is the risk of getting these secretive agencies involved greater than the good of getting rid of one President? Will their power grow to getting rid of the Presidency as we know it...that is an office elected by the people, not appointed by the few.

Are we throwing the baby out with the bathwater? Are we handing our country over to organizations who are not transparent who operate outside the will or knowledge of the electorate? Does this present a danger of turning so much power over to them they will eventually take over, as they have in so many other countries like Egypt, Brazil, Iran….its a long list.


Lila Garrett
Connect The Dots