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Welcome to CONNECT THE DOTS. I’m your host Lila Garrett and after a week of watching the parade of Donald Trumps’ choices for his cabinet and agency leaders, I was ready to give up. Fortunately, there are people and organizations out there who aren’t even considering it. Three of those noble people are interviewed on CONNECT THE DOTS today. They are Robert Weissman, of Public Citizen , Harvey Wasserman author of Solartopia, and Daniel Barnhart, Secretary of United Teachers of Los Angeles. These are organizations and leaders who handle the walk down the long dark road planned by Donald Trump as a challenge rather than a defeat. And before we even begin today’s show, I want to thank them.

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Trump: Who's Sorry Now?—Jaime O'Neill

What normal human being can watch the parade of sneering Neanderthals offered by the “evil infant”—aka the President-elect—and not be affected by it? More than affected. Terrified.

But the question remains, what normal human being can watch the parade of sneering Neanderthals offered by the “evil infant”—aka the President-elect—and not be affected by it? More than affected. Terrified.

What writer of fiction can come up with three natural enemies who, out of greed, are now locked at the hip in a relationship as close as Romeo and Juliet, Eloise and Abelard, Tom and Jerry.

I’m referring, of course, to Rex Tillerson, head of Exxon Mobile, the biggest privately owned oil company in the world. He made a deal with Vladamir Putin, the dictator of Russia, to drill 63.7 million acres of pristine land in northern Russia. This untouched land has under it three times more oil land than Exxon Mobil gets from the entire world put together, including the 14 million acres it leases from the US. What a coup for the new devoted duo!

That lease agreement between Tillerson and Putin was made in 2011. But shortly after it was made, the Obama administration slapped Russia with sanctions for attacking the Crimea. That meant Exxon wasn't permitted to drill in their yummy new 63.7 million acres. What a bummer for Tillerson and poor little Exxon. And what an insult to Putin.

Something big had to be done.

And something big was done.

The story goes, Tillerson and Putin put their heads together and decided they needed a US President they could control to lift those sanctions. Enter Donald J. Trump! Remember when we all wondered why he ran for President when he was really in the gambling and beauty contest business? Well, now we know.

A threesome was born that was so nefarious only the devil himself could have thought of it.

Putin with his political power and Tillerson with Exxon’s money would see to it that Trump, with his lack of integrity and insatiable appetite for money, won the election. Trump as President would then make Tillerson Secretary of State and viola! There go the sanctions! This would lead to digging for huge amounts of super polluting oil, which in turn would generate an estimated $500 billion in profits…some of which would be given to the flunky who made it possible: Donald, author ofthe Art of the Deal, Trump.

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And so, a new world-ruling triumvirate would be born!

Of course, Tillerson, as Secretary of State, still has to be confirmed by the Senate. He was hit pretty hard by Senators McCain and Rubio, so the Senate may have the character to reject him. But let’s not hold our breath. Despite the fact that even with his aggressive self confidence, he denies that most dictators are violators of human rights, he isn’t quite sure about climate change and despite Russia’s horrendous bombing deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Aleppo, Syria, he still wouldn't call Putin a war criminal.

Unlike Trump, Tillerson did quit his job with Exxon. But let's not worry about him. We’re sure he can have that job back anytime he wants it. And his passion for oil and the power to pollute the world is not likely to diminish. Oil seems to be the top catalytic agent for getting millions of people killed. But why not be positive? Think of it as the solution to population control.

I don't know about you but my next purchase is an electric car.

As horrifying as Trump’s sellout of our country is to the dictator of Russia and the King of Corporate Power, there is another Cabinet candidate who is the opposite of both of them in personality, but can do as much damage: Jeff Sessions, nominated for US Attorney General, the most powerful legal operator in the country.

When asked whether he will actually deport 11 million Latino immigrants, the New York Times quoted him as saying haughtily he might deport more by extending the definition of criminality…and this was before the Senate interrogations began.

Jeff Sessions is the poster child for making America White again. He’s a champion of racism, torture, cruel and unusual punishment, the death penalty. If it’s grotesque, painful, and punishing for immigrants and people of color, he’s not only for it; he’s turned on by it. And he has been for 40 years. Formerly a fan of the KKK, he only rejected them when he discovered they smoked pot.

During Sessions’ interrogation by the Senate, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, a middle-of-the-road Democrat, went over Sessions’ consistent record of cruelty, prejudice and injustice throughout his career. If you’re looking for an incarnation of Dorian Grey, pleasant on the outside, brutal and sadistic on the inside….Jeff Sessions is your man. In my opinion, as bad a choice as Rex Tillerson is for Secretary of State, Jeff Sessions for Attorney General is arguably worse.

The truth is the overwhelming majority of Donald Trump’s choices to lead our country is appalling. Either Trump has no judgment at all or he’s selecting these candidates out of infantile spite. You, the American public don’t love me? I’ll fix you!Try surviving this!

Naturally, Trump’s choices are all white males except two: Ben Carson for head of HUD is black and Betsy DeVos is a woman. Carson, an arch conservative, believes, poverty is a “choice” and Betsy DeVos, nominee for Secretary of Education, vehemently opposes public schools.

The protests for many of these outrageous choices have already begun. One such protest will occur soon January 19th, against Betsy deVos. It is being organized by passionate supporters of public schools, the United Teachers of Los Angeles. Similar protests are taking place all over the country on all issues that affect our lives. We have two choices. Either we prevail as a species who have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or we exist as lackeys to the missing link. The choice is ours.

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