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This is the opening to my show, CONNECT THE DOTS, of April 10th show which is posted below. It was written a day before Trump had his temper tantrum that lead to the showy but pointless bombing of Syrias main airport. Planes coming in and going out of that airport never lost a beat. But Trump's rating soared....which was undoubtedly his intention in the first place. We haven't heard from him since. What is he hiding?

For the first time in memory our president has looked at pictures of mass murder and actually reacted to it. He saw it on television. The New York Times reported that was only days after the White House had hinted it would put troops in Syria to fight alongside Russia and Iran and its brutal President because “it would be silly to persist in trying to oust President Assad.” Then Trump watched a TV news report showing “innocent children & beautiful babies” choked by poison gas sent by Assad into a rebel held area of Syria, and this caused him to reassess his approach.

”My attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much,” declared Our President.

One might pause to ask where was he when we dropped the bombs on Mosul killing hundreds of “innocent children and beautiful babies” two weeks before. Was that different because it was we who were doing the killing or was he just not watching television during that slaughter? Was it different because Assad was aiming at rebel forces in his country and we were targeting ISIS?

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Implements that perform mass murder….the more mass the better….have grown to be the phallic symbol of the last two centuries.

Nobody knows how many of the enemy were hit, versus how many innocents lost their lives during that Mosul free for all. Nobody ever knows the answer to that. The least exact technology man has ever discovered is the most lethal. Weapons and poison that destroys everything and everyone in its path have become our most profitable product. We parade it with pride, we throw extra billions at it that should be used to nurture humanity, not to destroy it. Implements that perform mass murder….the more mass the better….have grown to be the phallic symbol of the last two centuries. It’s no longer who has the best mind, who has the best cure, who has the best voice. That’s all nice. But it doesn’t compare to who has the best war machine.

The fact that we selected as the leader of the free world a man who has to watch a TV news report to “get it” is okay with some people. I am not among them. Some feel that this horrible mass chemical murder in Syria will open this President’s eyes. They believe he will change. I am not among them either. The fact that such an unevolved human being has the power to push a button that can turn everything and everyone on this planet into rubble is beyond mind boggling; it is unforgiveable.

Let's be exact about who we cannot forgive. Not just those who voted for him, although they share the greatest blame. Not just his predecessors, many of whom were Democrats like Clinton and Obama who often supported the 1% at the cost of the 99% no matter how they may have disguised it with eloquence. It is those of us who knew who Trump was, knew the right wing ideologues he surrounded himself by, knew that his agenda was to destroy every good agency by installing leaders to destroy that agency from the inside. And that includes, education, the environment, energy, health, human services, the arts—you name it. Anything that is part of government to make the lives of "we the people" better is threatened with extinction.

That’s what trickles down from Donald Trump. Poison, death, insensitivity. Who’s Public Enemy Number 1? It’s not Assad, it’s not Putin, It’s not Kim Jong Un. It’s Donald J Trump. As a man who specializes in gambling casinos and glitzy girlie shows like the Miss Universe Contest; a sleazy bigot who hates people of color, Hispanics, Muslims; a man whose contempt for women is manifest, his rise to leader of the free world is a catastrophe. One tragedy like the murder of “beautiful babies” he sees on television is not likely to change him.

How long will we the people be more amused than appalled by him? How long will we expect him to get bored and quit….because a lot of people do predict that, you know. How long will we allow our planet to be in his hands? And if we decide to put an end to this madness, how do we, peacefully but firmly, get rid of him?

lila garrett

Lila Garrett
Connect The Dots