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I'm tempted to unleash a few hundred words, setting loose a hound to nip at the heels of our media. Last week I heard a CNN reporter talk about Donald Trump's "signature optimism" as she described his prediction about how the Ryan/Trump healthcare-and-tax-relief-for-the-plutocrats bill will soon sail through the Senate now that it has prevailed so grandly in the House of Representatives.

trump signature optimism

So now we're "informed" that such bluster and bullshit is just "signature optimism."

Talk about "normalizing" the abnormal.

But what are they going to do, anyway, these corporate minions, these pimpish purveyors of "news" and commentary at all the cable news and broadcast media outlets? "Normal" has been torn down, bulldozed, incinerated, and hauled off to land-fill sites, along with history, science, decency, honor, reality, and respect for intelligence and/or education. What's normal now is a role model to the nation's youth, a living symbol of our nation, a leader who has bragged about grabbing women he doesn't know by the genitals, disrespecting judges based on their ethnic origins, and mocked people with disabilities.

And, because he also has normalized the idea that women who have abortions should be punished, he's made it "normal" for so-called Christians to idolize this man who seems to have nothing at all in common with Christ. Nonetheless, more than a few evangelical Christians think he is the new Messiah, sent by God to make America Great Again while preparing us all for Armageddon.

That's normal now.

It's normal now, too, for the leader of the erstwhile "free" world to invite a known thug and mass murderer to the White House, to shed his blessings and encomia upon tyrants in Turkey, in Egypt, and in Russia, and even talk about how he'd be "honored" to meet with Kim Jong Un, a "smart cookie" who is surely in the top tier of oppressive megalomaniacs in power anywhere in the world.

And Trump is another, an elected would-be dictator who now heads the world's foremost democracy, a place where it is now normal to deny health care to tens of millions of people, to sow uncertainty with every pronouncement from the White House, to elevate mindless greed and penalize the working people who create it for a mere handful of largely parasitic hedge fund managers, bankers, pharma execs, oil men, coal men, and the sons and daughters of the powerful and the rich who, like his own spawn, use the power and perks of government to further enrich themselves and spare themselves the onerous burden of taxation or regulation.

Think of Donald Trump and how the very absurdity of this man with unfathomable hair architecture, telling lie after lie without consequences to himself or his agenda, but with huge consequences for the nation. That's normal now.

Think of Donald Trump and his squadrons of flying monkeys in the House, the Senate, in business and commerce, and on all those media-provided "panels" that always include a right-wing loon or two (think Jeffrey Lord on CNN, and then ask yourself why we've all had to hear the opinions of this smiling doofus all these months just because he was a minor Reagan functionary nearly four decades ago, and then ask yourself what in the world could be considered "normal" about damn near anything this lying asshat has said).

Think of Donald Trump and how he has normalized the idea of nuclear warfare, made it a thinkable proposition to the millions of deplorables who make up his "base," that rotting foundation of the house we all live in

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Think of Donald Trump and how the very absurdity of this man with unfathomable hair architecture, telling lie after lie without consequences to himself or his agenda, but with huge consequences for the nation. That's normal now.

Think about his cabinet, that collection of robbers, thieves, and idiots like Rick Perry, who now heads the Department of Energy, an agency he wanted to eliminate, if he could only remember what it was, who danced his silly ass off on Dancing With the Stars, and who didn't really know that the department he now heads had anything to do with nuclear energy until he was put in charge of it. Normal?

Sleepy Ben Carson in charge of Housing and Urban Development? Normal?

Billionaire Betsy de Vos in charge of public education, though she never went to public schools and mostly doesn't believe in them? Normal now?

Mike Pence? Normal? Steve Bannon? Normal? Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and Sarah Palin hangin' with the POTUS on one of his occasional visits to the White House? Normal? Jared and Ivanka as agents of the government AND busy global entrepreneurs? Normal? Countless vital government positions unfilled nearly five months into a new presidential administration? Normal?

An executive order allowing for killing hibernating bear cubs in their dens? Normal?

Sean Spicer as White House press secretary? Normal? Sean Spicer?

A chief executive who travels to one or another of his expensive resorts each weekend at huge taxpayer expense? Normal? A First Lady who decides to live hundreds of miles from her husband, also at huge taxpayer expense? Normal?

A wall on our southern border most Americans don't want, to be built on land not yet procured, eventually to be paid for by Mexico? Normal?

jaime oneill

It's all just "signature optimism." Or so we're told. And isn't optimism a good and normal thing?

Jaime O'Neill