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Waging a Quiet Revolution Against Fox

Rupert Murdock

Rupert Murdock

The other day I walked into a near by California Pizza Kitchen, pulled up to the counter, ordered a pepperoni pizza and then sat back to sip my iced tea. I then noticed when I looked up from the counter it was Fox News being beamed on every television in the place.

My guess is I probably add anywhere from $30 to $55 a month to CPK's revenue. In my estimate that comes to at least $300 per year.

Something stuck in my craw and I had what can be considered a moment of clarity. I asked my server to send over the manager when things slowed down. The manager came over and I told him I had a request and the request was to show any channel but Fox. I said I understood if he couldn't comply cause he may not have the latitude to make decisions like that. He smiled and said he would change channels right away. He changed the station on each TV.

I personally consider Rupert Murdock one of the most dangerous people in the world. His network is pure propaganda that has damaged America economically, socially, and militarily.

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Feeling embolden I came up with an idea. It is an idea for a silent revolution. From now on when I go into an establishment and Fox News is playing I will ask them to change the station. If they care not to oblige me, I will simply inform them that I will at this moment and hence forward take my business elsewhere.

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This is a lone act. But think, if several hundred thousand Americans did this the impact it could have! We all have restaurants we frequent. It wouldn't take long for word to start getting back to restaurant and bar companies that their advertising dollars might be better spent on other stations. And given Murdock's News Corp. posted a $6.4 billion loss last quarter, this could be the time to act. If a hundred thousand people joined me in this, hat would be a potential $900,000 in revenue restaurants could lose for airing Fox News.

So, who's with me? The next time you go into a restaurant and see Fox News, ask that the stations be changed. And be prepared to tell them politely yet firmly the economic impact they face for not complying with your request.


Kevin Lynn

Kevin Lynn is a delegate and member of the Executive Board to the California Democratic Party representing the 46th Assembly District which includes the Downtown Core, Little Tokyo, China Town, Boyle Heights and parts of East and South Los Angeles. He is formerly the leader of thePasadena Chapter for Democracy for America, one of the most potent political activist groups in the San Gabriel Valley. Kevin's goal is to elect fiscally responsible and socially progressive Democratic leaders to office. To that end he is currently forming an umbrella organization called the Center for Progressive Urban Politics to assist political organizations with turning red districts blue and forcing our elected officials confront the difficult problems affecting the state of California. Kevin grew up on a small farm in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, is a former Army officer and currently works as a tax consultant. His hobbies are reading history, skiing, backpacking, political activism and yoga.