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The world now is aware that the FBI “raided” Trump’s palace in West Palm Beach, Florida to retrieve the classified and unclassified documents and items that Trump refused to return to the National Archives, as is required by the Presidential Records Act, when a President leaves office. The documents and items are not Trump’s property; they belong to the American people.

Of course, it wasn't a “raid”, but a judicially-approved search warrant. Trump and his gophers are coming up with major spin to try to show his MAGA supporters that there is nothing wrong with what he did. The documents the FBI found were mostly located in a “storage room”, a 6-foot by 10-foot closet in a hallway just off the main swimming pool at the Mar-a-Lago Club, open to members and guests. It had a simple lock on the door, unlocked by a key, and there were similar closets in the hallway, that contained beach chairs for the pool, etc.

Some of the documents were also located in Trump's personal quarters at Mar-a-Lago, in what used to be the “Bridal Suite” located above the main ballroom. And Trump might have kept classified documents at some of the other residences he has, such as the Trump Tower in New York City and the Bedminster Country Club in New Jersey.

Information has just come out that 40+ cover folders containing at one time Top Secret classified documents were found with nothing inside them. What happened to the classified information inside? Many of these classified documents were provided by the chief military advisor to Trump, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley, and could have contained some of the most sensitive classified information that the U.S. government now possesses.

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Here are some examples of what could be on those Top Secret documents:

  • Detailed intelligence on the personal and possible sex lives of various world leaders, including those Trump hated, such French President Macron, former German President Merkel, and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau , and those he liked: Russian President Putin, North Korean President Kim Jong-Un, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

  • There also could be detailed intelligence reports about the relationships between the leaders of the Iranian government, as provided by a “mole” in the Iranian government, and similar reports about the Saudi leaders and the Israeli leaders. Release of this information could get these “moles" killed by their leaders.

  • There could also be war plans relating to each of these governments hostile to the US., such as what to do in retaliation should the North Koreans send a missile to attack U.S. territory, or the Chinese, or the Russians, or the Iranians.

  • There could be reports about the weaknesses of the militaries of our NATO allies, or our enemies, such as Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

  • There could be comprehensive reports on the strengths and weaknesses of countries that are the enemies of each other, such as India and Pakistan, Iran and Israel, Ukraine and Russia, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Japan and China, and Taiwan and China.

  • There could be intelligence reports about the sex lives of other American or foreign politicians, or celebrities in the U.S. or abroad, which Trump could use to blackmail them in the future.

  • There could be financial information and tax returns of Trump’s enemies.

  • There could be highly classified information about new weapons being developed for America’s military arsenal.
  • Information obtained by the National Security Agency as a result of penetrating the electronic or telephone communications of enemies of the U.S. and reporting the messages to the CIA or Defense Department and made available to Trump in a classified communication.

There is a possibility that Trump has already given some of this Top Secret information to his friends, such as Putin, to curry favor, or even to receive money in return. 

There is no way to know if he made copies of the documents he had already given back earlier, or which were seized as a result of the search warrant. Also, how many of the flunkies who work for him now at Mar-a-Lago have seen the classified documents, and passed them on to others? Or has this been done regularly by Trump and/or his flunkies throughout the four years of his Presidency?

One only has to remember the Rosenbergs in the early 1950s, who stole highly classified information about the development of America's atomic bomb, and were executed as spies for the Soviet Union as a result.